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my mom’s workplace is doing gender diversity training and while she’s being chill about it (read: she mentioned it to me at breakfast for my nod of big queer validation), she has a hard time grasping singular they, so idk how to even begin to broach the subject of multiple pronoun sets w her ​:cloudmioufall:

With so many people working remotely because of the pandemic, it really should be the time to push for , idk, breaking up the isp monopoly and fighting to make a decent internet connection free and accessible to everyone

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So apparently the reason we’ve been having all this sudden weird Internet issues is because our tiny local ISP, that we specifically signed up with because they were way less expensive than Comcast, got bought out by another company. Which means that our prices are probably gonna go up.

American Internet is fucking garbage.

uspol, violence 

so.................Biden's inauguration is tomorrow, and they're still rooting right-wing extremists out of the National Guard today? the group that's supposed to be protecting him? with guns?

nice security culture you have there.

Amazon lists the Oath Keepers--a US right-wing group being charged in the riot at the Capitol--as a "charity" and lets people donate to it through "AmazonSmile"

Happy MLK Day. America is reaping its abject failures to address racism, capitalism, and the military-industrial complex that he fought against.

one of the worst things the system's gotten away with is the "sanitization" of martin luther king jr's life and ideals. teach the truth, fuck heads

Mutual aid request, trans woman in financial trouble, please boost 

Hey, there’s this woman I follow on Twitter who lost her job because of covid and her state decided that she shouldn’t have had unemployment benefits and asks for her to repay all of it, which she can’t really do. Please help her if you can:

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I’m struggling to get by. I’m behind on rent and utilities, and I still owe my roommate, who’s planning to move, for paying our shares some months ago. I mainly do postmates deliveries on my bike for extra cash. Any help is appreciated. I need to be there by Thursday for the funeral service. Please help by donating or sharing. PayPal - @ johnkill / venmo: @ killbank5 / cashapp: $killbank5

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even when I immediately run headfirst off a platform into a death hole in this game I do it in a very cool and sexy way

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“im fast as fuck boyeeeee” plays on loop in my head as I flip effortlessly past hundreds of armed guards and deadly robots and then gracefully catapult myself feet first over a 900 foot cliff

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I feel like warframe has tapped into my deep-rooted desire as a clumsy low-stamina bitch to be both incredibly fast and coordinated

instance block rec (redux) pt2 

More evidence of Qanon / MAGA accounts from Societal dot co because last time i brought them up some admins contacted me to say they felt they were likely just a liberal instance and that they would contact them to check, haven't heard anything since and theres been no evidence of any change or moderation.

Also final pic for the sort of astroturf bot like accounts they have that are built to push their weird "buy our progressive stuff" brand but also pro trump and pulling their christian clothing GodInterest and societal together

(sorry for reupload spam, forgot to include the final pic)

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block recc: the bootlicker who just commented on the previous post in this thread

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Should I put on a bit of makeup and dress as nonthreatening-white-girlishly as possible to do it?? because I think that would be more effective

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Very unpleasant news: Cop flag car neighbor has not removed the cop flag sticker from his car, which heavily implies that he is not embarrassed about what happened and is continuing to signal to other racist pieces of shit

My blood is boiling and I am so fucking tempted to confront this asshole and shame him but i STILL don’t know who he is

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