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'but vikings had dreadlocks too!'

a viking with meticulously combed, braided, and perfumed hair: what the fuck is that. you look like shit

OK. I am about to go on for a few toots about a really problematic event that just occurred with Cory Doctorow on twitter (
@doctorow on twitter, @pluralistic/ on mastodon; also see If you're not interested, please be forewarned!

Seattle please take down your bird feeders until sometime in February. No, this is not a joke.

gender ~, video games, 

i could have picked mag, the most obviously "woman"-coded starter frame, but i'd never played before and i'd heard she was more complex than excalibur and i like to play things on babby mode before i explore more complex game mechanics
i guess i just expected a game where you can literally bodyhop from one biomechanical death puppet to another to be a little less gender-assumey in its community

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gender ~, video games, 

i suppose it's a sign of progress that me peppering my text with :3 and :< emoticons while talking about how i want to keep my alien space puppy safe was NOT being met with macho homophobic responses but kind, dadly reassurances that the space puppy will respawn just fine. but then they call me 'brother' and i feel. bad.

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gender ~ 

i like being perceived as androgynous/ making people go 'huh' abt my gender irl but i don't like being perceived as a guy online. i esp. hate being seen as a guy in online games where i don't use VC.
but i also don't immediately correct ppl when they assume i'm a man because i'm still afraid of how they'll act
all the ppl i've been interacting with in warframe have all been very kind to me as a new player, but theyve also ALL made it clear they assume i'm a boy bc im playing excalibur

food + 

sometimes i forget there are ppl out there who have not tried challah bread and i want to give some to them because it's delicious and amazing

sex worker safety⚠️​ 

"PSA: The platform plexstorm
hosts adult content, but is NOT a safe inclusive place for Sex Workers, LGBTQ+, BIPoC, etc. In their official server they not only allow, but welcome bigotry and discrimination, because they “don’t want to restrict users’ voices”"
at the (18+) link are images on the plexstorm discord encouraging the use of hard racial slurs

the platform is basically dead and not used rn nor is any platform necessarily trustworthy for SWers but always good to have info to make decisions and to protect yourself with

Armie Hammer, abusive bdsm, sexual violence, seriously fucking horrifying 

oh my god there were more dms i just saw and this man is 100 percent a serial abuser using kink/bdsm as a cover. he left subs w/o ANY aftercare after doing violent/intense scenes and intentionally violated physically dangerous boundaries they had set beforehand re: breathplay.

this motherfucker said the luka magnotta documentary turned him on.

jesus christ i hope he never touches another human being again

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altered states, such as Punished Arkansas and New Hampshire+

“Support Talib Atunde’s Legal Fund
gofundme link
His court date Feb 17 2021
I am calling for us to join forces to help one of our brothers who has been present on the frontline fighting for our people. Its time to support him by assisting with the funds for an adequate legal team. He will be tried in court soon for providing security in a PEACEFUL demonstration for black, white and brown people alike, in North Carolina, and needs our help !!!“

(Via Fred Hampton Gun Club)

block rec, nazi enabler 

Got a new instance ( wanting to, theoretically, platform and "in good faith" discuss with actual nazis.

Attached picture [CC] is of the admin of said instance.

They claim to be the first Danish instance, which would be very sad if this trash is gonna have this title. Not sure if that's true tho.

#block #nazi #fediblock

uspol adjacent 

Pseudoarchaeology at the Capitol. How pseudoarchaeology is a pillar in the QAnon network and in Jake Angeli beliefs.

This scratches the tip of an iceberg of shit, it's tremendous work by Stephanie Halmhofer, who went at lengths to transcribe video recorded speeches by the "shaman" documenting multiple layers of cultural appropriation and conspiracy theories.

Armie Hammer, horrifying sex pest allegations 

I DESPERATELY want to hear Kat Blaque talk abt this shit because everything I’ve ever heard her say abt kink and BDSM and how predators operate in said communities has been incredibly informative and she knows her stuff.
but also I wouldn’t want her to subject herself to a deep dive into this mans bullshit

If you’re wondering what the fuck I’m alluding to, you can google it but huge trigger warning for rape, cannibalism, description of mutilation, and wattpad-style daddy dom dirty talk

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Even in the context of BDSM & roleplay this shit is HIGHLY sus

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I would like to retroactively revoke anything positive I might have ever said about Armie Hammer this mans dms sounds like a fucking serial killer

I bought some broken-in doc martens w my chrimbus money and they arrived today aaaaa ​:ablobspin:


Well this is a wild read. Looks like all the panic buttons were torn out from many offices in the capitol building ahead of this totally not-planned and accidental 'riot' that was a bug oopsie.

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