you know, the big banana. the magnum pear. the damn large durian. no city like it!

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funny how often i see the argument from terfs/adjacent creeps that 'oh trans people are statistically unhappy and their mental health is so bad' ergo "being trans bad"

has it perhaps occurred to you at any point that their mental health is statistically worse BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ACTIVELY MAKE LIFE HARDER FOR THEM AT EVERY TURN, YOU HUMAN SKIDMARKS?

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since ive just seen a number of prominent transphobic shitheads concern-trolling about dysphoria, a fun and fresh reminder that the scientifically proven quickest + easiest way to help stop someone's dysphoria is to use the pronouns and name a trans person asks you to use, followed by supplying them with access to material things they need in order to feel comfortable genderwise :eyethink:

soooo chances are i am gonna have to pay completely out of pocket for top surgery and idk how we're gonna raise the money yet but i'm just gonna leave my shop link here in the meantime ty (i'll have a new acrylic pin coming in soon!!)

Remember when magneto killed that nazi guy with the coin? That fuckin owned

@rigatonimonster ohhhhh. That’s a huge relief
a little sad about that but I’m not remotely surprised since it’s been ages since they put out anything and/or toured

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this is what happens when you use bearer tokens without channel binding

and also what happens when people are shitty

design for both

Very torn between saying “no more fucking war movies ever” and “let’s make a bunch of war movies that are specifically about under-discussed ways of processing trauma and specifically the trauma of knowing that you have been used as a tool of a cruel and murderous empire that raised you to worship it”

That is a goal for the future when the US military no longer has a fucking stranglehold on the film industry

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@keith yeah I related to that first one Hardcore which is why when he started comparing himself to people with physical trauma I was like “oh no honey oh my god no”
it isn’t a gender-specific response by any means but when it comes specifically to traditionally “masculine” perceptions of weakness it’s VERY relevant and oof ow ouch

Hey so I saw the picture of the cop bot by boston dynamics and the easiest way to make that seem like a bad idea is to just smash them with a hammer while wearing a mask. Fuck it up every time you see one and make it so prohibitively expensive to run them they just don't. I bet there's no part of it that's cheap to replace in a hurry.

I wake up feeling well rested at a reasonable hour for the first time in weeks and immediately sabotage it by listening to something that makes me incredibly sad and angry

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Every day I wake up and yearn to punch the whole military-industrial-prison complex in the metaphorical face until it is dead

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trauma, war, toxic American masculinity 

Also maybe the reason some men don’t personally identify as having experienced trauma is because they’ve internalized the idea that their suffering either wasn’t severe/“adequate” enough to merit the label of traumatic
OR they think trauma is for weaker men and god forbid they process the fact that they ever felt vulnerable

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if you can’t remember anything from what would’ve been a traumatic situation, that means your brain did it’s job to protect you and successfully repressed the trauma!!

If it didn’t feel real you were probably dissociating because your brain was trying to protect you!!!

Oh God I’m incredibly fucking sad now

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trauma, Vietnam war 

writer Tim O’Brien is on NPR talking about how he doesn’t really think he was traumatized from being in Vietnam specifically because it didn’t feel real to him, comparing himself to soldiers with severe physical injuries, and how a number of his other friends don’t remember much of time they spent in the war and don’t know why

and I’m sitting here mournfully thinking “oh no those are all symptoms of trauma”

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