harpy eagles: one of the largest flighted birds in the world, would probably prey on human toddlers given the opportunity, has crushing taloned feet larger than my hand
also harpy eagles: look like this

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i love birds because they go from looking like this to looking like.....this, in seconds

I just found this beautiful piece of leatherwork in a scrap bin someone put out on my street, and I was wondering if anyone could help identify the Maori gentleman portrayed here? I’m not sure what object this piece was originally part of (I think it might’ve been a luggage tag??) but I can only assume he’s a person of some prominence.
Even if he’s not someone famous, though, I’d still like to find out who he is. I’d feel creepy keeping a stranger’s face in my house like a decoration

the jorts near completion

[img description: a pair of jean shorts with unfinished belt loops]

it's really easy for researchers to check up on them when they're in torpor/hibernating so we get lots of delightful photos like these

in Denmark they call this specific species 'hasselmus' which means 'hazel mouse' :3

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procyonidae are underappreciated lil buddies

here is a coati enjoying a snack in the sunshine

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i haven't done a Cool Animal photodump in a while and i have a whole pinboard of Fun Cool Animals now so get ready everyone. here is a mongoose with the sweetest face i have ever seen

unfriendly reminder to all nasty fucks who post horny drawings of children that i will personally destroy your hands and genitals

I went on a hike yesterday and completely forgot to post some art like I told @georgespolitzer I would!! so here’s some art I’m proud of (that I’m pretty sure I didn’t post here before? ) from last year!! descriptions in thread

I have no cursed content to share with you yet today, please consider this pic of Lily chilling a small palate cleanser

(img description: little gray-muzzled black dog in a harness, laying on some shady grass with her back legs splayed out in that cute way dogs do when they’re super relaxed)

Lily met up with a friend today!!

(Img description 1: an older white man in a button up and khakis standing on some sunny grass, leaning over to pet a small excited black dog to his left; to his right, a corgi sits expectantly gazing up at him. Img description 2: the same corgi walking across the grass towards the viewer)

gay reassurance from the universe

[imgs: 2 photos of a rainbow I took from a moving car]

you know, i figured this one might net me some flak but the fact that this is considered 'targeted harrassment' is big lol

techbros, a protected class on the bird site

food + 

successfully channeled my energy into dinner tonight—curry udon with roasted kabocha squash ​:blobmelt:​ unreasonably proud of myself for managing to cook all this without a hitch. Not the prettiest photos, but curry in general doesn’t photograph easily so :shrug:


I have acquired nutrients

excited to try these tbh. I fuckin love eggs and am entranced by the concept of salted egg yolk as a flavor but there’s no good Asian markets near me that sell any snacks in this vein. Mom and I went out to a part of San Leandro to get some air and we stopped by a marketplace on the way back & got a bunch of stuff including this

[img description: a cheery yellow bag of gudetama salted egg potato chips]

Food +, click here to view a delightfully tiny citrus 

We got the smallest most adorable tangerines I have ever seen in my life in our monthly produce box and I am unreasonably excited about them. Their peeled wedges are the size of a fruit gummy and they’re perfectly ripe and edible...LOOK HOW TEENY....

I’ve found that pretty much the only thing the iPhone camera is consistently good at is macro photography. please enjoy some nice moss I saw yesterday

[img description: a pair of close-up photos of a beautiful little dewy forest of green moss]

me 5 minutes ago: bras are dumb and stupid and impossible to fit properly I don’t even like wearing them
now: If I cannot put this $200 autumnal confection on my titties immediately I am going to DIE

[img description: depop listing for a very expensive bra with red trim and intricate embroidery of red maple branches and waxwings all over the cups]

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