lt: friendly reminder your “carbon footprint“ as an individual human consumer is a scam made up by corporations to both guilt trip and misdirect you

the concept of a carbon footprint is actually useful when applied to anything besides individuals—corporations, cities, whole industries, etc., but it is actively counterproductive doomer shit to apply it to your own life

Friendly reminder that a society's carbon footprint is determined by individual actions though.

Especially in a country like the USA where corporations have such an inordinate control over public policy, consumer choices can be the biggest driver towards getting substantive #ClimateAction

@GreenFire I just made a second post abt this, obviously it’s helpful to be conscious of what/how we consume but there is currently a very concerning marketing trend towards pure individual consumer action as opposed to focusing on the root of the problem

It has definitely been a long battle/discussion among us climate communicators.

I personally just have so many rich acquaintances that continue to fly twice a month because "individual actions don't matter" whereas I think that building consumer demand for sustainable options/products will drive change faster than governments like the U.S. can get it done because of administrative laws that are easily delayed in courts.

So basically it depends on the audience on how things like that get framed in the most effective way I reckon.

@photophoregirl kind of like BMI, which also is useless for individuals but excellent on a population level

@photophoregirl and perhaps the top 10 %, but I'd also count the as corporations

Ahhh, I have a hard time agreeing completely. Comparing carbon intensity of my behaviours with my footprint helped reduce a lot of it and showed me that I can't do anything about most of it. So mixed bag for me. But I get that you are saying it's not an individual problem and agree with that.

@photophoregirl The neat thing about is that there is no real lower bound to it. And no sensible way to define a "good enough bound". You can always do something to reduce it further. I haven't been on vacation in over 10 years. I've flown once in my life so far. I've never managed to travel outside of mainland Europe. I travel less than 2000km per year by car. Yet still I could reduce my carbon further. The only way to truly minimise it to the optimum point is to stop existing.

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