I gotta say as an autistic person— I’ve noticed having an actual -physical- mask on ironically relieves me of some of the mental stress of masking.
If I think of something funny & physically can’t stop myself from grinning, no one’s gonna give me a weird look and ask or wonder why I’ve got a huge goofy smile on because they can’t see it. I can silently rehearse conversations while moving my lips without anyone noticing.

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There’s definitely some annoying sensory downsides to wearing masks, but I am definitely also keeping some of the ones I have acquired over the past year and a half for entirely non-Covid reasons

@photophoregirl huge agree with both these points; i feel SO much less anxiety that i’m making the “wrong” facial expression; i no longer get socially penalized as hard for not wearing makeup; tons of stuff is better for me personally with masks 💜

@photophoregirl big mood; adhd here but I do the same stuff and it’s been a big relief. also to just not have to emote so much with my face. esp when paired with sunglasses too

I wanted a mask just before covid started for this reason lol, sooo much easier not having to control ur face all the time

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