Very unpleasant news: Cop flag car neighbor has not removed the cop flag sticker from his car, which heavily implies that he is not embarrassed about what happened and is continuing to signal to other racist pieces of shit

My blood is boiling and I am so fucking tempted to confront this asshole and shame him but i STILL don’t know who he is

Should I put on a bit of makeup and dress as nonthreatening-white-girlishly as possible to do it?? because I think that would be more effective

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block recc: the bootlicker who just commented on the previous post in this thread

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@photophoregirl qoto is definitely worth hitting a "hide everything" button on a profile

@georgespolitzer @photophoregirl Seconded, qoto is a toilet. "Free speech server" that boasts "we don't block any servers" (read: Gab)

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