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i like being perceived as androgynous/ making people go 'huh' abt my gender irl but i don't like being perceived as a guy online. i esp. hate being seen as a guy in online games where i don't use VC.
but i also don't immediately correct ppl when they assume i'm a man because i'm still afraid of how they'll act
all the ppl i've been interacting with in warframe have all been very kind to me as a new player, but theyve also ALL made it clear they assume i'm a boy bc im playing excalibur

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i suppose it's a sign of progress that me peppering my text with :3 and :< emoticons while talking about how i want to keep my alien space puppy safe was NOT being met with macho homophobic responses but kind, dadly reassurances that the space puppy will respawn just fine. but then they call me 'brother' and i feel. bad.


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i could have picked mag, the most obviously "woman"-coded starter frame, but i'd never played before and i'd heard she was more complex than excalibur and i like to play things on babby mode before i explore more complex game mechanics
i guess i just expected a game where you can literally bodyhop from one biomechanical death puppet to another to be a little less gender-assumey in its community

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@photophoregirl fuck the community and fuck DE, they're all a bunch of trash fire transphobes
that said, you can find nice people, it's just rare
the game is way more fun when you don't bother with talking to people things anyway

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