So due to unforeseen circumstances I am currently hosting four baby pigeons in my bathroom for the next few hours

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I’ve managed to get them all to drink a little bit of water out of a cup in my hand though some needed more persuasion than others. They’re so scared and weak I want to cry ​:blobsadreach:​ The person coming to pick them up as an expert though and I trust she’ll be able to take really good care of these babies

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@mfitts The animal shelter was completely full and our rescue has no available fosters at this moment :( I would love for someone to come take them in after the person who’s coming to get them—She can only keep them for a couple of nights so the head of our rescue is scrambling to try to find foster homes for them because they need urgent round the clock care

That's not a great situation. :( But they're very lucky little pigeons to have found their way to even be shuffled around until a rescue can find room.

@photophoregirl excuse me what kind of unforeseen consequences lead to hading baby pigeons in your bathroom

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