Joe Biden has been president for 88 days and there are still concentration camps at the border.

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Joe Biden has been president for a whole day and there are still concentration camps at the border

electronics, strong warning 

PSA: If you need to buy any CPUs, SSDs, NAND Flash devices (like eMMC or thumb drives), or radio modules, buy them now.

If you do *any* electronics work at all, you are about to not be able to get *ANY* of the parts you need for a *VERY* long time.

I don't have time to go into all the details tonight, but this is real, and it may already be too late in some cases. It's only going to get worse for the next year.

i love doing white genocide at my work at the sperm bank by pouring out all the white sperm and substituting it with shipments of immigrant sharia law sperm from the antifa dicksucking factory

appreciated a bat today on stream

kicking the rust off my traditional media lol

#mastoart #baturday

Playing some indigenous-made game
and talking decolonization, anti-imperialism, and more :) - Silver Spook Live

The subterranean ones -have- retained the larval ability to parasitize larger sapient organisms as a stage in their life cycle, but it’s not required for them to mature to adulthood, and some populations end up with a handful of little axolotl types that stay smaller sized and almost fully aquatic for a really long portion of their lives :3

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subterranean ones are mostly the isolated pocket remnants of their empire’s aristocracy, whose planeships were shunted into the planets’ crust and have basically become a bunch of snobby, paranoid psychic cave salamanders. meanwhile, the survivors who crashed on the surface of this planet, into or near its very large oceans, adapted to a semiaquatic lifestyle without parasitic reproduction

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if you want to play as
A. funny octopus person with many cool talents
B. basically a regular mindflayer, but most people won’t scream and try to kill you on sight
C. Octodad, from the hit game Octodad

do I have the homebrew for you

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unreasonably proud of my silly little homebrew illithid rework I’m writing

the U.S. government is my fucked-up little paypiggie. the U.S. government is addicted to sending me checks

l am that bitch who will bury their face in a big fluffy cat and making kissy noises, knowing full well that i will be sneezing and itching and swelling up in the upcoming 45 seconds

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eternally grateful for everyone who posts their cats on line so me, a cat-allergic, can vicariously enjoy them

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