shaking hands originated from the medieval custom of gripping strangers' dicks to make sure they're normal

I logged on to Twitter and the first post I saw was someone complaining about about how people are now making sexy humanoid versions of the little Among Us jellybean astronauts so I think I am just going to get off line for the rest of the day

I curse brandy melville to the depths of every conceivable hell

clothes, bullshit 

it’s absurdly hard to find a nice basic long pleated skirt on there for some reason. They’re all either the same tiny Brandy Melville pieces or shimmery polyester bullshit, or they’re +300$ designer pieces, or they’re fucking overseas, and the whole point of me using this app is to buy affordable preowned clothes from as physically close by as possible because all the thrift stores are closed

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body —- 

the skirt I ordered off depop to replace an old favorite skirt that was too small for me for arrived today
and the new skirt is also too fucking small for me
even though I checked with the seller about my measurements

you’ve been hit by
you’ve been struck by
a large vehicle

for 'obligate carnivores' cats sure eat a lot of plants

hornt / sad / venting 

can’t sleep I just want very badly to be sandwiched between two hot people right now
partly for sex reasons but also because I am suddenly desperate for sustained physical contact with other humans ​:mario_flop:

california fires, global warming 

Northern California is burning down more again.

Based on recent info, if you're on southeastern side of Santa Rosa near Annadel State Park it may *already* be time to leave. This fire is moving *extremely* fast toward eastern parts of the city. Fire still outpacing official evacuation orders--may be wise to leave preemptively.

fictional murder robots: sexy, looks cool, sentient, controlled by flawed but incredibly clever complex human programming or a glorious machine overmind, all humans are equally weak fleshbags in their eyes

real murder robots: ugly, looks like a weird fucked up plane, not sapient or sentient, puppeted by overpaid nerd soldier using an anime titty mousepad, definitely racist

Some of the heather was still blooming on that wonderful afternoon ten days ago.

ff14 msq spoilers, major character death 

so I got spoiled on haurchefaunt dying ages ago, but the only spoiler I had was -that- he died, not how or when it happened
I didn’t expect it so soon :(

it's just very difficult to see from the outside what kind of a loop your brain must be in for 'the way to fix oppression is to accommodate the oppressors more' to seem reasonable

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every single day someone formulates the thought 'but what if we'd try being *nice* to the bigots'. together we can stop this menace. together we can beat these people with sticks

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