blm protests, graphic violence 

Friend sent pictures of the multiple civilians with AR-15s running a street checkpoint, protecting their neighborhood. Police wave as they go by. 2020 has brought us the police-sanctioned Uptown Militia.

my personal favorite part of the cop password dump is that it proves that cops are dogshit at infosec

even if they change their passwords, which if their admin is half-competent they'll be forced to do by now, you can probably guess the new one by like, capitalizing one letter, adding a 1 at the end, or changing the 88 that suspiciously appears in many of these passwords to a 14

white people in the san diego suburb are posted out in front of the target to "protect it from looters". absolutely cucked

also after we introduced ourselves he =always= calls me by name when greeting me which makes me feel weird

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ive been wanting to use this time in lockdown to get to know the neighbors better but our new next door neighbor is a Troop (air force, has a screaming eagles decal on his car)

Dallas PD asked for the public to submit footage to identify protestors so k-pop stans are flooding them with k-pop videos.

If I seem distant, its because antiblackness is everywhere and is exhausting. Also, I’m starving, a payment is being delayed and I need some food now.

If someone can please give me some money for a quick meal that would helpful, thanks.

Cash: $Underwraps
Venmo: FarahT

i regret to inform u all as an alameda county resident that a tiger has not, in fact, escaped from the oakland zoo

however: whoever reported it occupied the cops for around 12 minutes and made them look like fools, so whoever did that, i love u

this is one of those weeks where decades happen huh

LAPD is firing rubber bullets at crowds, the cartridges are labeled Combined Tactical Systems. CTS is the primary supplier of crowd control weapons to the israeli defense force.

so to summarize the day:
-started peaceful
-cops escalated cuz they couldn't handle getting shouted at
-we got tear gassed with our hands up
-I threw tear gas canisters back at cops (with gloves)
-I got shot in the thigh with a tear gas canister
-I backed up, tried to keep the intersection behind us clear
-an older white guy hit me with his car and almost ran me over
-I stood in the front for a while as it feeled like things were cooling down

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Home now. All love to everyone out tonight standing against the pigs.

this country is a fucking cartoon we literally just drove past a homeless person resting RIGHT NEXT to an empty luxury condo complex w signs advertising it.

Our household is too high risk to be in a crowd so this is the best thing we can do rn.

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I’m not in Oakland for the protest—much as I would like to be. Mom & I went to pick up some food from Everett & Jones BBQ and Sláinte, the former of which is a really lovely black-owned restaurant. Can hear folks on the megaphone now

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