I am a fool who loves to suffer so I decided to go with the six pointed cape design instead of the 4 pointed one. I have been basting fabric for like two hours aaaaaaaa

The old Halloween party thing with cooked spaghetti but when you take the blindfold off it is actually worms. pranked!!!!!

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mom commented on the fabric I have laid out and said it looks like the Italian flag. gog-agog secret italian theory……..the worms are pasta……

covid, chicago politics, police 

for a dude who spends so much time screaming about how dangerous policing is, the head of Chicago's FOP sure loves killing cops

going to force my mother to read Jujutsu Kaisen with me so she’ll understand why I keep bursting into hyena laughter at a pic of Kenjaku captioned “mansplain , manipulate, malewife “

Let's talk about civilizational healing, balancing ecology, development, nation-to-nation equity, and more! youtu.be/bohLmz9EwBE

I have just received a follow-up email from EverythingChopsticks, the online store that sells only chopsticks, to ask if my chopsticks have proved satisfactory. This is only to be expected in this, our off the rails hyperfuture in which every transaction, banal as it may be, begs for our online approval in a desperate bid for survival

COP: weve detected unusual amounts of eggs being thrown out at your house. please stop
ME: Thosre not mine. Theyre uh,. my dogs eggs


"Prince William slams the billionaires' space race
The Royal says they should focus on fixing Earth's problems first"

A broken monarchy is right twice a century.

I'm not sure why they put the quotation marks there, but I love the ambiguity it introduces.

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