anyways americans have no right to tell any country we want to ""help"" them obtain 'freedom' or 'liberty' given the past AND present state of our whole entire shit

theres a very cringe guy in my town who has a big banner outside his house that reads "Freedom and Liberty for Cuba" and if i ever am unfortunate enough to meet him i dont know what ill do

i just read the nyt article about “top surgery” among adolescents. i have no idea how someone gets tripe like that published or lives down the gall it takes to consider it a work of meaningful journalism — wait, yes i do. it’s just cissexism and fearmongering and pissant centrists pretending civility

Disco Elysium is a game about how you can take a mulligan on your shitty personality but never on your shitty body

We should have two halloweens. One for the warm months (being outside at night much longer, enjoying the warm night) and one for the colder months (oct 31 where it’s more chilly and creepy)

Leopard019G: Uh guys my Mantic0re is saying CASTIGATE THE ENEMIES OF THE GODHEAD how do I turn it of

person living in the united states talks about police brutality in another country


the us: we're gonna let a bunch of openly corrupt people screw our entire country over because their message of white supremacy plays well with angry racists

the uk: hold my beer

yes mister trump wolverines are real. they didn’t just make them up for the comic books

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cannot stop thinking about how if I put on a brown wig and a sensible pantsuit I could 100% keep Trump distracted for hours with a fucking Pinterest board of normal animal pictures. incredible

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