tired: iron is harmful to fae because of unspecified magic intrinsic properties
wired: iron is harmful to fae because of its chemical properties
inspired: iron is harmful to fae specifically because it is physically the stuff of the human Industrial Revolution, a social restructuring event with broadly devastating effects on human adherence to the core values of the fae. for this reason, iron is suffused with a palpable curse that arises from its position as a symbol of human callousness.

bf took some truly excellent photos of me in my costume tonight and I cannot wait to post them

Kitty and I are discussing evil plans and now he’s my enthusiastic lap minion


I’m gonna scream....I found a gorgeous Yohji Yamamoto shirt at this vintage fashion fair and I tried it on and it FIT ME.....
the dealer was very nice and put it on hold for me bc even tho he took card and I had enough in my account, his reader kept rejecting mine like it knows I’m poor​ :sadglasses:

*exhales like a surfacing baleen whale* We fucking did it y’all I can rest

I am so fucking close I can taste it

Lend me your power, bullshitting gods

Probably screen reader unfriendly keysmash 

I gotta pad out this 524 word essay to 800 words minimum by midnight lmao help meeeeee

im mapping my ocs to this and posting this later ​:blobross:

new political compass, the axes are
Edgy / Soft & Flamboyant / Subdued

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