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Having trouble following the mental gymnastics that transform "celebrating independence from the British empire" into "fascist dogwhistle" that's going on in my feed

Here is a picture of the Michelin Man congratulating an aviator for winning a bomb-dropping competition. Stable diffusion is just redundant, people

Remembering hanging out with a couple of friends one night a decade and change ago teaching ourselves to do the dance from "bande a part"

6yo: why did they fly planes into the old world trade center?
me: wouldn't you rather talk about Pompeii instead? Pompeii, that was a banger

Lots of people trying to second guess Elton John's next move ignoring the fact that Morrissey has been recalled to London to record "The King Is Dead"

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Want to learn more about the computer in your household appliances? I'll be presenting a guide to reverse engineering the HomeConnect protocol this Thursday (15 Sept 2022) in Stockholm:

Missed this rendition of the Gowanus bridges on two VHS tapes

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The kids just demanded to go see the Duke Riley show at the Brooklyn Museum for the fourth time

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Twitter, monarchy, blockchain 

How do you like the 2020s?

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re: stable diffusion, ai imagery, utah teapot 

thinking of this again in light of @tripofmice 's Tea Time thread; maybe I should pitch them a "cyber-teapots of the future" feature

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"According to the best cookbooks of the day, teatime during the Regency period included such delights as Seed Cake Blanc'mange, Bath Cakes, Ratafia Biscuits, Quaking Pudding, and Naples Biscuits. You might think you recognize some of these delights, but in the days before raising agents and standard recipe terms..., you might not get what you were expecting."

this is the first paragraph of their description of a (cozy corner) murder mystery novel.

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(it's TeaTime Magazine time!!)

Tired: virtual private network
Wired: actual private network

Thinking about doing "strobevember" this year, where every day I make a different strobing animated gif. Thoughts?

Tried to play Daisy Press for the 4yo but he demanded I put on Cocteau Twins instead, the uncultured slob

I had to help the bridge crew duct tape the safety light on before they could open the gates

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(for the Daisy Press show in the catacombs, which was just so unbelievably good)

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