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Wondering if any platforms support boustrophedon-endianness, where words alternate big- and little- endianness

insect violence 

Interrupted someone's Sunday brunch

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ok I'll do it. I'll post a favourite game of mine for every like I get

Hudson Yards physically and conceptually sucks ass, but at least they're sponsoring some fun free stuff this summer

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Kids enjoyed this random spooky puppet show we passed by on the way to the dance party

My favorite part of the K E A N O fliers remains that the globe is clearly marked "WORLD". Maybe this is a relic of when it was xeroxed, and the earth was rendered unrecognizable?

The 6yo started drawing a comic strip, with panels, but about a third of the way through started drawing a map instead, so we talked about how the panels of a comic strip move through time, but the parts of a map move through space, and now I'm looking for examples of cartographic storytelling

Can inanimate objects have ghosts? Because I swear whenever I walk through the space our recently-removed child safety gate occupied at the foot of the stairs, I get a chill

I wonder who chose to be interred in these massive sarcophagi at Carroll Street

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Would you be interested in a cryptocurrency that doesn't involve complex wallets, is completely secure, and you literally can't lose? Say hello to thoughtcoin. You mine it by thinking up a number. That's how many thoughtcoin you have! It's so easy, you've already done it. Running low on thoughtcoin? Think up a bigger number! Forgot your balance? Think up a new one! It's time for thoughtcoin.

It's startling that even in 1971, no editor or early reviewer sat Philip Jose Farmer down and simply said, "You have written a novel in which Mark Twain wears blackface, and you should not have."

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Got around to finishing this today and immediately threw it in the trash. Put litter in its place, people.

Poking around with the Pico W to see if I can get Bluetooth chugging. Short answer: no. The CYW43439 module has a proprietary protocol and they've only got wifi working via someone's closed blob. Disappointing.

It took me nearly three minutes of the 6yo talking about "apple loss" before I realized he meant "applause"

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In one of the reviews, a mum lamented that she should've spent the extra tenner and gone with V-Tech. Heck, V-Tech makes a smartwatch?! Their stuff has always been good in our experience. So I got her the extravagant $40 V-Tech DX3 smartwatch (it's more like $55 if you want it in pink or blue, we got her the purple one).

You always expect kids' tech to be a bit crap, right?

This thing RULES.

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