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I can not get "The Night Rooster" out of my head

hatewatch similarly uses hate as a noun; ditto for kickboxing, etc. This is trickier than I thought.

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I mean it's obvious to me now that it's actually "sleepwalked" because in this case "sleep" is a noun, not a verb, but I'm now curious if there are verbs that are genuinely composed of two or more verbs

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My nephew is insisting that he is nocturnal and it is now morning and he is sleeping but that he is up and about because he is sleepwalking. Meanwhile the 6yo is running around yelling "cockle-doodle-doo! It's night time now! I'm the night rooster!"

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#emfcamp #tidal-badge, after an insane amount of work, I have DOOM running on this ESP32S3 based machine... video to follow but the code is [right here!](

Do you like the thrill of ordering off-menu at a fancy restaurant? Next time you go out for a meal, try asking the waiter if there's anything to drink without alcohol

It just occurred to me that I've have been hauling this pseudonym-- "phooky"-- around for thirty years come this September. A random name I chose on the spur of the moment in a dorm room on an afternoon in September. Happy 30th, phooky. Perhaps it's time to try on another name now.

just a matter of time until someone figures out that the JWST is just the Hubble with content-aware fill

After a brief discussion with the 3yo we have decided that when he grows up he will be an itinerant space barista and before you say it yes I would also watch that show

See You Later, Space Barista

My time zone identifies as Greenwich Mean Female

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My mom brought her new "smartwatch" over and it needs to pair with a phone and ask your gender before it will even tell you what time it is

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just got reminded of my favourite :cisco:​ Cisco Field Notice where using certain snagless ethernet cables would reset certain switches because the protective boot would press down on a button that will do exactly that

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Excellently creepy ceramic art by Heidi Lau in the catacombs at green-wood cemetery

thinking of a video game of nuclear brinkmanship called Untitled Juche Game

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Trying "cargo install gitui" and amazed how deep Rust has descended into "left-pad" territory already

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The thing about git is that you can completely understand the underlying logic and still be flabbergasted that there's no way to perform obvious tasks without writing a script. For instance: create a local tracking branch for every remote branch. Why is this a pain in the ass? It should be an obvious one-liner. Are there any better porcelain-style cli frontends to git that I don't know about?

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