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Quick summary: instead of just using

Host hostname.domain

you can use

Match user username host "hostname.domain"

If you have multiple user logins on the same box (say, you're using gitea), this will use the right key for the right login. With "Host", ssh will always just use the first key that matches the hostname, regardless of the User directive. Makes sense when you think about it, but non-obvious if you don't realize Match exists.

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I was today years old when I figured out how and why to use a "Match" line in my ssh config instead of "Host". I'm kind of low-key angry that every ssh guide tells people to use Host instead of Match now.

Just to remind myself, because I keep having to look this up: you can reset a Pico by setting the USB serial port baud rate to 1200, like so:
`stty -F /dev/ttyACM0 1200`

I love rainy summer days when all the slimy bois come out to play

I can 1000% endorse these NYC bagel rankings:
In particular I'm impressed that they gave a high rating to Bagel Hole on 7th, which feels like a bit of a deep cut nowadays.

"huh, my gitea instance still defaults to 'master' for the initial branch. i wonder why that hasn't been--"
[realizes that he hasn't updated gitea in three years]

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It seems like this is a good moment to point out that Tyrell Corporation's Nexus 6 models lasted four times as long as Google's.


one of the things i always find interesting about market people, both traditional and crypto, is how they feel like graphs legitimize everything. "respect us, for we have charts!"

anyway, bitcoin markets having a normal one

covid test is finally negative, please explain why i still feel like an enormous boil-in-bag sack of shit

Look, I see a glitch, I take a picture. I don't make the rules

(i totally made that rule)

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Did the register start glitching as the clerk rang up my purchases at the occult bookstore? Reader,

That moment in the course of packing for a return trip in which you realize that in order to truly be properly packed to go in the morning you have to take off the clothes you're wearing right now

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Look what I found in the £1 bin outside the local occult bookstore

this is just to say
I did not eat
the plums
that were in the
that was Steve
I tell you
that fucking guy

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What I'm listening to today: "Sanxion" loader music, Rob Hubbard

The Commodore 64 had an unusually featureful, musician-friendly and *weird* sound chip. It also had a problem: Games took a *long* time to load off tape. The solution was epic and very long (often 10+ minutes) "loader" songs that played while the game code loaded. The loader for "Sanxion", by C64 master Rob Hubbard, suggests an alternate universe where 00s IDM musicians had a knack for perfect pop hooks.

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