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Finally got to uninstall slack on all my devices today, hooray! Thanks to @georgyo and micro for smashing slacks.

Just remembered a joke my beekeeping professor made about upstate New York burial practices during the 1918 influenza pandemic about twenty five years ago

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"Why do i have Georges Danton's brain floating in a bowl, and why is my cat stabbing it repeatedly with a silver horn? Ah, therein lies a tale." we all know a guy like this

(comment on "Locus Solus")

How interested would you be in performing CAD operations from the command line?

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Pushing the boundaries of sequential art

The whole internet loves Count von Count, the adorable muppet who loves to count! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the count is a vampire.

the 3yo just heard his first cocteau twins on the radio and at the end of the song immediately demanded it again (bluebeard, for the record) <3

CGAL has changed a lot in the past decade. For one thing, the licenses have been harmonized. For another, uh, it's now header-only. Like, insanely complex and robust geometry algorithms all done entirely in roided-out templates. Unsurprisingly, everything takes forever to compile, but whatever, it works.

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ZZ9000 Firmware and Drivers 1.9 now released:

Adding more firmware builds/variants in the hour.

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fuck i have to stop eating cracklin' oat bran until kelloggs stops being a dick company

*croaking spooky voice from the crypt* in my day, we would pipe the output of gunzip right into tar x


Wondering if there are any parents out there practicing Radical Honesty™ wrt this. "Do we have a favorite? Well, your sister is definitely way more fun. Better behaved, too. We're actually surprised you needed to ask."

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"I love my children equally" says parent who absolutely has a favorite


I know this is natural, but after 30 minutes of cleaning up my 3yo's massive poop accident I'm just not willing to engage with him for the next fifteen minutes. Sorry, kid, I need a break

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@wxcafe @phooky passing file descriptors around is pretty common, but not really like this

you could, in principle, invent a platform where the control plane exposes a port via a numbered file descriptor, but it would be less opaque to e.g. leave a socket in the container's filesystem or something

Perhaps very dumb Unix question that I'm only asking because I'm on a playground and not at a keyboard: is it possible to use numbered pipes beyond stdin, stout, stderr? Could I for example designate 3 as 'stdlog' and do something silly like "$ log_gen >&4"?

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