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I only just now realized that I regularly use the verb "rebrain" like that's a thing

TIL that there was a nine-hour theatrical adaptation of The Illuminatus! Trilogy produced in the seventies, and that Bill Drummond, later of KLF, did the set design. No film or video recording of the production exists.

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Oh goodness they are livestreaming the inside of the cabin so you can watch Richard Branson get his rocks off in real time

The minutes until it goes "up"

Idea for a CCG where you collect billionaires and rockets, victory condition is getting a billionaire in your hand to slowly starve to death on Mars

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Oh, cool, they're launching a lesser billionaire on a rocket today, as a test run for launching maximum billionaire later this year

My 4yo nephew is sitting in the bathroom with the door open, taking a massive stinky dump, and screaming "we're all gonna dieeeee" at irregular intervals, AMA

[blue-gray smoke billows from RIFA protection cap in power supply] this is not the gender reveal party i signed up for

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Because I'd forgotten to do it on my dev box, your periodic reminder to change your default git branch on a new init:

git config --global init.defaultBranch main

will make "main" the default branch on a new repo.

Finally got to see "Light Leaks" after thinking about it for years. Stunning in person.

There's a new show on WFMU that I'm really enjoying: Sunrise Lamentations with Jeremiah. It's a pre-dawn show, so here's the archives:

I have regular childcare assistance for the first time in about a year and a quarter! Celebrating by writing some PRU code and getting the gen5 steppers moving. I may actually get this thing plotting soon.

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