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So it turns out if you listen to Yakkety Yak from beginning to end you will not be able to think of anything else for the next hour

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Hilariously, the Genius annotation for the opening line thinks that "take out the papers" refers to recycling

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Are my children listening to a scratched to hell 45 rpm single of Yakkety Yak that we found on the street in the middle of a thunderstorm? You bet your bulbous red ass they are

My 4yo and 3yo's favorite television show is the intro to Katamari Damacy Reroll, and who can really blame them

Just collated and pulled all the remaining complete copies, so these proofs and fragments are going in the trash. Dozens of hours in a basement at odd hours in 1995, but it's time to let it go.

hippos georg, who is eaten by hippos 2000 times a year, is an outlier adn

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Made chicken good enough that the 4yo came back for seconds twice.

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About releasing things into the wild. Was cleaning up my #github account and noticed I never set this to public: It's a project to replace the software running on the Tranz 330 family of POS terminals, turning them into nifty general purpose #z80 computers!

I will get back to this project after I complete some more #ISA cards...

4yo just handed me this and said "someday I may become an artist"

RP2040s are now available for $1 each. In small quantities. That is ludicrous. I love this.

While the gen3 boards used ethernet patch cables to run signals to our toolheads, at least we had the basic decency to put "RS485 -- NOT ETHERNET!" in huge letters on the silkscreen, instead of just having an unlabelled HDMI jack that inexplicably carries a serialized video stream, a USB pair, i2c to an led driver, and raw signals from two buttons and an encoder.

I'm half-heartedly putting a bit of time into reversing this 5th gen makerbot daughterboard and am starting to realize that while it's not worth the effort to reverse this particular board, having a hackable module with knob+screen+buttons+wifi would be generally useful. Maybe need to bounce this idea around a bit.

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#Tusky 15.1 is out! It is the same as Tusky 15.0, except it doesn't crash when captioning images.

"yes, of course they rescued the train car too, it's fine," lies his mother, eventually

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We just watched Paddington 2 and there's a bit at the end where a train car falls in to a river but they rescue the hero at the last moment and our 3yo spent the next five minutes extremely concerned if the train car was okay

Local bar using a discarded 1-800-KARS-4-KIDS billboard as a temporary awning is giving me life today


update: 4yo attempted to put on 3yo's clothes before his own; only discovered when i found all 3yo's clothes inside out

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Me: get dressed
4yo: no
Me: I'm putting on my music until you're dressed
[puts on Perturbator]
4yo: ... I like it

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