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For the electronics nerds: I need to step down six 5V signals to 3.3V. I don't want to mess with a half-dozen voltage dividers; ideally this would be a single chip solution. I also don't need bidirectional or tristate support. What I do need is relatively fast propagation; 20ns would be a good target. Any recommendations?

Alberto Manguel's "Black Water" anthologies have been out of print for thirty years. I keep wanting to recommend these books, but they're just flat out unavailable in any format. At this point I'm just grateful that it was printed on decent paper that hasn't yellowed excessively.

Let's check what parallel reality pocket we're in: okay, the bears are Berenstain, and Bell Labs is-- oh no

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I've created a new tutorial for shadertoy stuff! This time I walk through how to construct an SDF of individually moving pistons

Just sat down at the kitchen table and made the hard decision to declare onion bankruptcy. Our onion bowl was growing highly dubious. Any onion preservation tips appreciated

This post bought to you by me linking to an actual useful resource on twitter and realizing i hadn't done so on masto first. We regret the error

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If, like me, you learned to solder at the Radio Shack School of Scarred Knuckles, please save yourself twenty years of fucking around and watch this set of training videos from the 80's:

Follow up with the rework/repair series:

You can breeze through them in an hour or so and save yourself so, so much time in the long run.

briefly thinking about time cube being real as a sci-fi premise

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oh, nice-- TP2/3 on the Pi Pico are actually the USB D-/D+ lines. This makes my board much simpler.

I was stressing out about whether I could get my bus timings right for this Pi Pico project, and then remembered that the RP2040 PIOs are reprogrammable *while they're running*, and I can just get it close enough and then tweak the bus timings at runtime until it works. This platform is super bananas

spent about a full minute trying to figure out if a toot was terfy nonsense before remembering it costs me nothing to click the unfollow button

Do you think sharks have sea shanties about hunting down and eating surfers

baby inverse elon musk wants to send everyone else to mars, apparently

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4yo: "How does everybody fit on Earth?"
Me: "Well, even though there are a lot of people here, the Earth is really really really big, and--"
2yo, interrupting: "THERE ARE A LOT OF ROCKETS"

Welp, pretty sure my nose is broken. Won't require medical attention, but wow, does it hurt.

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Anyone who's been playing with the RP2040-- have any idea how long it takes to boot?

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