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No one on twitter got my Andres Serrano and Piero Manzoni jokes. I guess they didn't pass the smell test

academia gripe 

Sci-hub and arxiv make it clear just how absolutely insane it is that academic papers still have to use cumbersome, error-prone citations instead of just hyperlinking. It's been a quarter century since we made this easy to do, nerds!

covid shitpost 

Can't wait until everyone gets the vaccine and we can go back to day trading hotel loyalty points or whatever

The EXCITING! NEW! PROBLEM! is that the keyboard encoder keeps repeating whatever key was pressed last. My current guess is that the AY-5-3600 was configured to output "AKO" on pin five, indicating that a key is depressed, and that it's likely just hung high. Maybe the chip needs to be replaced, maybe there's some gunk to clean out somewhere. It's not the keyboard proper, as the problem persists after the kb is unplugged. Another day.

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Me: the video signal coming out of this thing is a mess; we're going to have to rebuild the output stage
My brother: that composite jack looks pretty corroded; maybe you should replace it
Me: there's no way it's the jack
My brother: it's probably the jack
Me: there's just no way
My brother: ...
Me: [replaces jack]
Apple IIe:

We went 2.5 for 3 on our first day of potty training. The third time he ran off and took care of business himself with no prompting. That's fantastic! I am so ready to be done with handling poop.

NO I NEED A DIAPER screams the 2yo at the top of their lungs if you're wondering how potty training is going

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It's really impressive how good a job soapy water and an old toothbrush do on these.

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cleaning 35 years of miasma off these old IIe keycaps with a toothbrush turned into a great teachable moment with the 4yo. "Look how much cleaner and nicer they are! We want your teeth to be like that, too."

Looks like the video signal is OK, so it's most likely a monitor issue, but I've got to dig up something else that can display ntsc to confirm.

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It mean, it's an achievement to just see that iconic "]" in any form.

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"Success". Nothing's on fire and the problems seem to be limited to the video subsystem or the monitor, so ... good news, I guess?

The wind blew open our front door and I suddenly find myself explaining invisible forces to my small children. It is an absolute trip.

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I can't explain why I find this video promoting an IR rework system so satisfying, but... I do. Somehow I just watched it twice.

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Morning listening: Clarence Barlow’s epic and unpronounceable tour de force for computer (a PDP 11/55!) controlled piano. (And some exceptional humans.)


Funny, this psu *looks* undamag-- oh. Ohhhhhh. (This is a line filtering cap and appears to have failed open, so it's unlikely the root problem.)

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