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This is almost as good as earlier in the day when I was up a ladder unscrewing a burnt out lightbulb and asked my 4yo to find me a fresh one and he did, somehow

It is just blowing my mind that they're helpful now

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Did I just Tom Sawyer my 2-year-old into pulling all the keys from my old Das Keyboard for me? Reader, I did

Other basement find: a flash drive shaped like an airplane that I picked up in Shenzhen around 2011 with a bunch of PDFs of L. S. Penrose papers on it

I honestly can't remember why I have actual physical laptop keys or where they would go OH SNAP I JUST REMEMBERED my old thinkpad dock could lock in the laptop. This was for my 2010 monster that was so heavy it would tilt over the undersized dock making it useless when docked without an external keyboard. Good times

In case you're wondering, I've been jamming these into my USB port for like twenty minutes and still can't log in to Facebook

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*tosses you keys to laptop* have it back by ten, and if there's malware on it it's coming out of your ass

We took the kids to an outdoor covid testing site and on the way home stopped for sandwiches under this amazing tree

If you're interested in the history of Bell Labs and AT&T's telephony monopoly, "The Idea Factory" is a long but gripping read.

Remember when it was illegal to own your own phone and you could only rent one from ma bell? This phone does.

(this only works up to 31 bits of parity, which means I'm having fun thinking up scenarios where you'd need to be able to detect and repair single-bit errors across 2GB blocks of data)

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/* hamming code in a toot */
FLIP_BIT(blk,n) blk[n/8] ^= (1<<(n%8))
void make_hamming(uint8_t* blk, uint8_t parbits) {
uint32_t parity = 0;
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < (1 << parbits); i++)
if (blk[i/8] & (1<<(i%8))) parity ^= (1<<31) | i;
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < parbits; i++) {
uint32_t bitloc = 1 << i;
if (parity & bitloc) { FLIP_BIT(blk,bitloc); parity ^= 1<<31; }
if (parity & (1<<31)) FLIP_BIT(blk,0);

children's cartoons 

I was today years old when I learned that The Stinky and Dirty Show is not Whoopi Goldberg's and Wallace Shawn's first collaboration


The abbot of an isolated monastery decides to walk through the nearby town for the first time in a decade. He finds that everything seems subtly different. As he passes a well dressed older man, the man cries, "hey, you. $20 for your cttrgh." Confused, the abbot hurries along. A couple of blocks later, he comes across a young woman who laughs when she sees him and calls, "hey, $20 for your cttrgh!" Again, confused, he moves along. Finally, he encounters a child who sticks out his tongue and yells, "hey, mister, $20 for your cttrgh!" Frightened, the abbot rushes back to the monastery. Fretting and mystified, he calls the mother superior to his office. "Mother superior," here asks, "what is my... cttrgh?"

In response, she runs a fingernail from the crown of her head to the underside of her chin. The flesh peels back, revealing a skull that flutters open like a book and her eyes accordion outwards the pupils mere specks as she screams "TWENTY DOLLARS, SAME AS IN TOWN"

Just trying to write up my thoughts on a movie I saw; probably wrote about 1K words and deleted 800 already. I'm realizing how long it's been since I tried to write _anything_.

My Winner Winner Chicken Dinner With Andre

i am just so tired of web pages that require you to drag and drop instead of just giving you a freaking open file button

I'll have a bunch to say about My Dinner With Andre once I've processed it, but I have two comments on the reading the credits:
1. "Special thanks to Frederick M. Supper." You were just going to try to slide that one past us, huh?
2. THIS WAS A TROMA FILM? Lloyd Kaufmann was production manager??? This makes so much and little sense

Now that I have the up and running I'm starting to remember all the reasons I didn't enjoy using it

like, for instance, a backlight PWM'd at a frequency so close to the refresh of LCD that it visibly beats at about 6Hz if the backlight is at anything but full brightness :(

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I made Sift, an experimental image editor that slices an image into layers. You can offset the layers to generate interference patterns and pseudo-3D effects.

It uses additive blending and a pixel-based light splitting algorithm. It came out of thinking about how to add depth to a grid of pixels. For more info you can read the release notes ( or watch a video tour ( As always, I'd love to see anything you make with it.

I've been having fun telling the kids that Uncle Spam Risk is calling, but now they're starting to ask why I never answer the phone

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