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you've heard of platonic solids, now get ready for solids with benefits

Why is my 2 year old child wailing and sobbing uncontrollably?

it's surprisingly hard to filter out IR. I'm trying to take a picture of these really nice-looking red seven segment LED displays and the IR is just blowing out my phone camera's sensor.

I read Good Housekeeping often enough that I'm considering getting a subscription.

considering setting up another masto acct solely for livetooting/shitposting the Curious George cartoon show

there's a lot to unpack

my 3yo just came to me with his tablet and demanded that I turn on subtitles, because apparently he wants The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That to have the cachet of a La Nouvelle Vague film

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what do the letters K, M, Q, V, and W have in common 

@phooky lower case q is a thing if you put tails on your 9s.

Anyway, this is why Litronix made the DL3422. It didn't work very well, but the idea was out there:

my new oulipan constraint: only using characters that can reasonably be respresented on a seven-segment display.

what do the letters K, M, Q, V, and W have in common 

There's no reasonable way, even with context, to represent them on a seven-segment display.

Success. TIL: a) my eyesight is no longer good enough to do this stuff without a magnifier, and b) just because I used to do uC work all the time back in the day doesn't mean I can sleepwalk through it a decade later.

That additional special moment when you realize that you haven't burned your fuses and you're running on the 1MHz internal RC oscillator

Oh, come on, this can't possibly be a solder bridge, I've checked and wicked out the pins on this TQFP three times already. Let's bust out the oscilloscope and logic analyzer.

[NARRATOR: It was a solder bridge.]

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The new version of the three-manifold software SnapPy is out now at It includes the ability to fly around inside hyperbolic manifolds! Pictures at

video game recommendation 

I just played through Virtual Virtual Reality and it is *so good*. Come for the silly job simulations, stick around for the nested nature of reality and heavy rips on tech CEOs.

It's kind of a like a peppier, VR KR0 in places. Definitely my jam.

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T'es en train de me dire qu'il y a une circulation fluide avec qu'une seule voie de circulation !? Hérésie !


Quand on regarde cette machine à billes fonctionner, on ne pense qu'à une chose : "plus de billes"
Source : MyOnline3DPrinter ;


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pouring one out for yankees hat sales as the NYPD has announced they are closing their plainclothes unit

My 3yo blankly staring out the window as the ice cream truck slowly rolls by is Big Pandemic Mood

Loving these subtle lines from the multi-part mold that made this part; the interrupted internal threads suddenly make sense

My dill plants are positively crawling and I couldn't be happier

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