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tangentially covid 

yesterday a neighbor's kid asked for wifi access so he could finish his homework. sure. booted him once we confirmed he was just using netflix. do kids not know about deep packet inspection? digital natives my ass

I'm bookmarking all these albums on Bandcamp but there's no way I'll have time to actually buy them before midnight :(

For years I've been wasting my time cobbling together shitty adapters that I could just have bought for three bucks online, but now that we're on lockdown and the global supply chains are crumbling, it's my time to shine

(It's a USB OTG cable, and yes, it works.)

I got some Bandcamp funds burning a hole in my pocket! Suggestions?

"My name is Ozymandias, hoarder of snacks; look upon my massive stash of girl scout cookies, ye mighty, and despair!"
[ten minutes later]
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck

cartoon dongs 

"Welcome to Venice, Jerko" has taken on a sinister new connotation.

WFH: I can wear whatever I want and no one will judge me
ParentFH: I can dress the kids in whatever I want and no one will judge me

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Rewrote the waveshaper for Enfer, and my god, it does not disapoint.


Okay, now I'm getting COVID-19 email spam from Greenwood Cemetery and the Morbid Anatomy Museum people, which is... kind of nice really

Mastodon bookmarks are such a small feature, but they've improved my experience of using Mastodon by leaps and bounds.

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if anyone needs a fast realtime multimedia collaboration tool, self hosted, we released Spacedeck in 2018 as free software

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It's hard to do fun workouts when stuck inside without a gym and I need to have a GOAL right now for motivation. So, .. handstands? I know an amazing coach who has years of experience teaching women how to do handstands, and she has an online program. Random tips from her instagram have been incredibly helpful for me, so I trust her full program would be great. Anyone want to join me for her building blocks class? Full details here:

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The three words that best describe my tooting
Are as follows, and I quote:
"Shitpost, shatpost, shunkpost"

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