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I don't know why "cats can have a little slommy" broke me but here we are

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Day 26 of Pewvember: The Canopian Pan-vortex Matter Disruptor has an impressive name, but the pew pew sounds it emits are astoundingly pedestrian.

I am multiple days behind on pews so get ready for a Turkey Day Pewtacular

Day 25 of Pewvember: a Haliform Warpdrifter fires off a few quasiphase graviton blasts.

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I've put up an archive of my Pewvember clips:
If you play a bunch of clips at once, it sounds like a laser battle!

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I just got a catalog now
Turns out
It's 100%
Cold ham

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Day 24 of Pewvember: The Northrop-DuPont HyperBuster was developed for the United States Space Force at a cost of $7.2B, was delivered twenty-six years behind schedule, and was fired exactly twice.

yes, i just posted a recording of flicking a light switch and flushing a toilet backwards. it's been a busy weekend

Day 23 of Pewvember: Paxaurical Industries produces a line of whisper-quiet lasers for use in public libraries and other facilities where silence is golden. Only the tell-tale clicking of dephaser relays and a low hum betray the fact that the high-powered Ultraplus Disruptor has gone into operation.

Day 22 of Pewvember: The Sagittarian Gravitational Intensifier can give just about any large mass an event horizon in moments.

hey @darius , how far did you get hacking your EO1? I've got one gathering dust over here.

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Pewvember day 23: Tragic news. Apparently all the robots, androids, and monitors who contributed to yesterday's #pewvember had so much fun that they all got together to form a pew chorus. Unfortunately, the resulting sonic resonance destroyed all the participants and 3% of the Ring.

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Pewvember day 22: We asked almost 50 robots, androids, and monitors from around the Ring to do their best pew-pew impressions for us. Here are the results. Not bad, considering that laser guns have been banned ring-wide for over 175 years!


look if you haven't already transitioned from .org to .horse i don't know what to tell you

gcalcli is a pain to configure, but it's completely worth it

There's no way that truck is not actually a transformer

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