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This is without question my absolute favorite Rutger Hauer performance, and Blade Runner can kiss my ass.

Day 21 of Pewvember: Every Millitraxipedian military parade culminates with one of their tiny drummers beating a tattoo prior to the ceremonial firing of the absolutely adorable MTP-IV Self Propelled Laser Cannon, which is all of thirty-four millimeters long.

I finally got hit by a behavioral change in python3; in this case, a tweak to how StopIteration is handled:
At least I finally learned about 'yield from'.

I would like to point out that Rutger Hauer stars not only a movie that features Blade Running but also Hobo With a Shotgun (2011), which features Blade Ruining

I've got to say, I thought it would be cold and damp but my basement hacker lair is actually quite cozy

Day 20 of Pewvember: The tuned-chakra simulasers of the Crystal Manifold Dynamics cult were meant to instantly induce enlightenment on a planetary scale, but only succeeded in giving the Minister of Abstruse Affairs a splitting headache for the next seven hours.

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Day 19 of Pewvember: Only 4XC9-quadrant kids will remember the thrumming of an ultrabeam transit on the way to indoctrination therapy sessions.

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Pewvember Day 17: Stockhausen Laser Industries is well known for its avant-garde approach to coherent light. Take the Stimmung Model 53, for example.

(Can a post have an image AND a sound? Let's find out!)


Day 18 of Pewvember: On the outskirts of the ancient, ruined megapolis of Krell, a rogue Psychromodroid mercilessly attacks a smuggler encampment.

i tried to crowdsource my hot dog toppings but ended up krautsaucing it instead

my ideas have such laser-like focus you may as well call me a thought lidar

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Ok, finally figured out what physical HDDs I had mounted by using a magical combination of "findmnt --real" and "pvdisplay", because of course I did

I am so behind the curve that I *just* learned about findmnt.

This is as good a place as any to mention that if you're in Brooklyn and need hardware, we have an excellent e-waste warehouse that resells refurbished electronics:

(Which reminded me that my first HDD was an RLL encoded 20MB, and that once we had to worry about RLL vs MFM encoding. A 60MB ATA got me through college.)

Found another 320GB SATA on the curb, which is reminding me to revisit my archiving strategy.

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