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No one has seen Baby of Macon, which is about what I expected and probably best for everyone's mental health

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/dev/ttyACM0 bandwidth through USB hub: 420KiB/s. Plugged directly into laptop USB: 850KiB/s.

Have you seen Peter Greenaway's Baby of Macon?

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So it took a little longer than I wanted (like, nine months), but I am calling it done. The 3B2/400 simulator now has support for the optional WE32106 floating point math acceleration chip. I can finally rest a bit.

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No flash, only DRAM!

When developing open firmware like coreboot and LinuxBoot, or doing research into early boot security, you end up waiting all the time on the SPI flash chips erase and write cycles. spispy replaces the slow flash with an open source FPGA and DRAM controller for instant updates.

It's my least favorite time of the year, when I rip my WFMU premiums so I can listen to them and feel compelled to type in all the track titles and artist names despite the fact that it's all in weird tiny fonts and half the titles are in languages at the periphery of unicode

That moment when you're doing watercolors with your toddler and realize that the VHS logo is a brushstroke font

The amount of money I have spent replacing individual laptop keycaps on my X240 is approaching the current value of the laptop itself. Maybe after seven years it's time to move on. *hugs laptop closer* but you're sooooo gooood

My toddler has inscribed an indecipherable warding rune on his door

Wasted half an hour trying to figure out why inserting into a list was invalidating an iterator into the list, until I checked the header and realized it was a vector, not a list.

Ways in which C++ has failed me today:
* Having identical syntax for objects that behave very differently (vector and list)
* The entire concept of header files, which puts important information (member type signatures) very far from where it is used

messing around in raylib, cooking up a magic circle editor just because.

If you live long enough, you get to see your childhood home razed to the ground. Not a great feeling, it turns out.

There are grown-ass adults who still complain that this is too hard.

My 2yo was having trouble plugging in a USB-A plug, so I told him to turn it upside down. So he did, and it worked.

Looking at C++ modules and realizing that their best feature may be forcing us to eliminate the C preprocessor

Say what you will about ReFS, "Protogon" was an awesome code name.

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oulipo as main is basically playing mastodon on "immortal"

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