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Look, folks, let's be realistic; at best you're going to get Vice-president Psychedelic Warlord.

So wait, kicad doesn't even do curved traces? Why don't I just make my board art with a sharpie ffs

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Oh hello, world! It's my first toot from Emacs using mastodon.el. You know what? This is pretty good. It's honestly a FAR better client than 'twittering-mode' ever was on the bird site.

Anyway, t his is really just a test. Let's see how it works!

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*stops suddenly in the middle of cooking kids' dinner*
wait, what was "neutron dance" actually about

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So instance introductions seems to be a thing here?

I'm michiexile on pretty much every platform I show up on.
I'm an assistant professor of data science, based in NYC. I do research on Topological Data Analysis, with side projects in enumerating necktie knots, linguistics, and whatever else captures my fancy.

I am also bipolar, and am doing a fair amount of activism for mental health in academia and in the mathematics community.

hey remember when like half of virginia's government officials were photographed in blackface and it was a big crisis

Your love is like bad parenting
Bad parenting is what I need
Your love is like bad parenting
In a few years I will need therapy

Fun math fact: the digits of the square root of pi are the same as the digits of pi in reverse order.

Kicad remains deeply broken. As far as I can tell, the solution to "how do I handle panel-mounted parts" is "leave them out of your schematic".
The fuck.

once in a while i come across a data sheet that does a pretty good job of explaining exactly what a chip does. This is one of them.

Explaining to my child the difference between a stack and a pile. An interesting distinction.

what i've learned from jibo is that people would have been a lot more sympathetic to juicero if it had a speaker

Golden Books proudly presents: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Copyright Clusterfuck Edition

I will argue with someone on the internet for a maximum of one (1) comment. After that, they're on their own.

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Why, yes, I did spend the evening probing the world's fastest parallel hypercube supercomputer (of 1987) to reverse engineer the schematic and backplane pin out.

My 2yo didn't want to take his bathrobe off to go to school and I am empathizing so hard

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COLLAB FEB happened again: an ephemeral blinky disco palace with neon by Stephanie Sara Lifshutz!

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