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@aparrish also in this series: a table that publishes accounting textbooks, an autobiographical armoire, and a sideboard which cooks up dubious Wikipedia articles

I'm liking this idea that Everything Has Opinions

@mala i switched to vim when i got married but i just fired up emacs to see if i remembered how it works and my fingers just started working magic on their own

So my kid now transitions seamlessly from singing "the ants go marching" to "get lucky" and I don't know if this is a problem or not

Not going to get this done in time for the interactive show for family reasons, but chugging along anyway.

@ranjit this little piggy got sucked into a singularity
this little piggy got sucked into a singularity
this little piggy got sucked into a singularity
this little piggy got sucked into a singularity
and this little piggy went weeeeeeeeee all the way into a singularity

wired: regular expressions
tired: regular recessions
expired: regular depressions

@kragen as far as I can tell that's how we all do it :)

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@galaxis you can get gluten and dairy free frozen burritos. There's also corn chips, etc. Mexican food can work pretty well (with corn tortillas).

I think I read about this experiment in an essay by Borges but I've misplaced the book

First you take a thought experiment, and then you put it in an unlabeled box. Then, you take a walk, have a drink, come back later that night. Until you open the box, you can't know if you've forgotten the details of the thought experiment or not. Thus, the thought experiment is in a superposition of forgotten and remembered, but opening the box collapses both states into equal irrelevance. Now, I've forgotten where I was going with this, but

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Just watched the Falcon Heavy launch with the kids. The big one did the countdown and yelled "BLAST OFF!" And kept yelling it for, like, five minutes. <3

The toddler just started yelling "FISH FOOD IS FISH"

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@kragen that was precisely right; I tossed a 1µ cap at it and it was quiet as a mouse!

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