@ranjit @aparrish i think that you will never find
a poem as lovely as a pine

close enough send toot

@polychrome (but they're super ugly compared to the toddler stuff, of course.)

@polychrome here's the one my toddler uses; I found it on the curb about a year ago. They have expansion ports that break out the bus! There was a post on hackaday not too long ago with the pinout. They're just Z80s under the hood.

@ranjit I'm just doing my best to keep this from veering into Diamanda Galas territory

@polychrome VTech kids stuff is beautifully engineered, but they're tricky to hack because they're basically just a single blob. I pulled one of my kid's apart a while back: youtu.be/RFOysmNrZU4

They did make a line of "precomputers" in the 90s that run BASIC out of the box, tho

It's alarming how quickly dinner with a 1yo and 3yo can devolve into an impromptu Meredith Monk workshop

@ranjit not pictured: open manhole directly in front of piece

@edsu @mala omg i'd completely forgotten about the whole "we'll run python and perl on the same VM" movement

@ranjit i'm looking forward to the low energy of ebbruary

@joshmillard why can't the edge start a supergroup with flea and slash

(the one upside of having a super literate 3yo is being able to sit down and architect stuff in my notebook while he reads frog and toad for like the fiftieth time)

designing a database schema for like the first time in a decade and immediately descending into the classic "but is this entire table _necessary_" rabbit hole

@cypnk there are a lot of really hard problems in inkjet; micromachining nozzles, bubble/piezo drivers, getting just-so ink viscosity and good quality control. Inkjet cartridges are actually kind of a steal. Folks are trying to roll their own:

I think the reason there's no DIY 2d community is that you can get used/discarded 2d printers of all stripes for free. It's way easier and more efficient to get a dot matrix out of the trash and fix it than build one from scratch.

Finally looking at retiring my current laptop after 8 years. Wondering if it makes sense to wait around for the 10th gen intel chips. Battery life is kind of a sticking point for me. Any recommendations?

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