@th actually, now that I look through my sauce-stained kitchen drawer of recipes, I find myself wondering what a modern kitchen computer might look like. Integrated scale, detachable cutting board, checklist...

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It's saturday night and the mods are asleep, time to post photos of classic supercomputer boards.

@joshmillard [Xorn looks up from copy of Architectural Digest in annoyance]

@prehensile never turn your back on a brand juggernaut like Chock Full O' Nuts. All the money in the world can't get Starbucks product placement in Escape From New York:

Just did a bit of research and this is the last remaining Chock Full O' Nuts (of this iteration) left in New York City.

If you don't know the history of Chock Full O' Nuts, it's wild. Jackie Robinson makes an appearance!

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Holy shit, an actual Chock Full 'O Nuts! It's like finding a Coelacanth

@AmyZenunim alas, I spend most of my day taking care of small children and by the time they can talk they are 100% riddled with expectation, shame, doubt, and purpose

@neauoire this subtitle has been lodged in my brain for thirty five years and is still funny, thank you

I thought my problem was the cycle counter in the PRU not resetting correctly. BUT NO! The problem was instead that prussdrv_pru_write_memory function takes its length parameter as *bytes* and its offset parameter as *words* (in this case, 4B words).

Can't believe they deprecated the prussdrv codebase

@th "calloc", on the other hand, derives from "cal loco", due to Californians (and SV folk in particular) being crazy and requiring additional safety features in their memory allocation functions

@joshmillard [Keanu looks out window] it's ok, it's ok, it's just cans
[camera zooms in on cans flying through air, in slow-mo]
[signature of Piero Manzoni is clearly visible on every can]
[Keanu, face draining of color, single tear rolling down cheek, to self] cans, they're just cans, just ordinary cans

@niconiconi [two years later, after node has been merged into the kernel] perhaps this was a mistake

@th join the kicad club! All the cool kids are doing it under duress

I have been using C for over thirty years, and I have never once called calloc().

it's only malloc if it's from the dynamic region of libc; otherwise it's just sparkling allocation

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