I kind of hope someone has the guts to record one in a bathroom

I'm going to try to stop posting about the Alvin Lucier thing other than to point out that it is turning out to be COMPLETELY AWESOME

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@phooky this is the perfect fucking end to the pandemic.. I don't know if her zoom is frozen and it just adds to the performance

Just to be clear here: if I were not already sleep deprived and responsible for small children, I would *completely* be livetooting 27 hours of I Am Sitting In A Room. As it is I'm bummed I'll be asleep for the Georgia Hubley/Ira Kaplan/James McNew parts.

@djsundog holy shit i hadn't really browsed the artist list until just now-- Meredith Monk! Robert Wilson! All of Yo La Tengo, individually!

ok i'm calling out aki takahashi for just shutting off her camera after she finished the blurb, robbing us of even the awkward amusement of watching an artist trying not to squirm

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everyone so far is performing in "keep a straight face and try not to check my watch" mode but i'm hoping at least one performer breaks out some yo yo tricks or something

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in case you are wondering if i'm going to be liveblogging the next twenty six hours of alvin lucier performances: no i am not

but i am loving the "truck backing up beeps" making their way into the mix; this is like 50% lucier and 50% cage at this point

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if i knew the address i would order them a pizza


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Last performance was in a living room; this one looks like it's going hard with a giant vacant commercial space with concrete floors

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[retoots increasingly zalgo'd versions of this toot over next twenty four hours]

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Alvin Lucier is somehow now 90 years old, and for his birthday 90 different artists are staging "I am sitting in a room".

Live! Repetitious! 27 hours! VIRTUALLY ENDLESS! Streaming RIGHT NOW!

@SuricrasiaOnline @darius we actually do a much better job of teaching color to painters. a friend once loaned me a textbook she'd used in school which started with a breakdown of how the retina processes color and opponent-process theory and it just blew my mind:

this is a very deep rabbit hole

@SuricrasiaOnline @darius i don't think we can even *record* color accurately, much less reproduce it. i'm red-green colorblind (anomalous trichromat). this doesn't mean I can't see certain colors; it means my cones are tuned to different frequencies. i routinely am surprised by paintings i've seen reproductions of, because the capture/repro mechanisms are tuned for different eyes than mine

@niconiconi my favorite pin name is a toaster control IC that had a BAGEL pin.

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