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Going through my mechanicals collection, I came across these designs by a Russian maker. It's a "hand extension" using those rings to manipulate the bigger metal fingers

It might be an interesting starting point for an articulated robotic hand

#HardwareHacking #Robotics

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@neauoire thank you for reminding me of my ancient pointless tilde page

This film just sounds like it has big jodorowsky's dune energy already

I just found out that Colin Stetson did the soundtrack for the forthcoming Color out of Space and I am so here for this

A moment later the beam of sunlight moved on and the moment was over

@mdhughes @charlag when we got engaged my spouse and I made a pact not to put pictures of ourselves (or later our kids) in public online spaces. It turned out to be a good call.

@ranjit thank you for that peek into DOG INFRASTRUCTURE

Ok that was so cool

How many opportunities do you get to cheer for a rocket blowing up in real time

Just a heads up dragon launch abort test in like three minutes

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@Tayo @cypnk please do! I'm clearly pretty biased, but I still think Thingiverse is a decent place to share your stuff, and work in progress is perfectly welcome.

If you are anywhere near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and have even the slightest interest in mechanism or machining, haul ass to see this show:

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