@piggo I remember a spate of articles about a decade ago about people living in third world countries building robots or computers or whatever out of found materials, trash, or other available resources, the implication being "look at the can-do spirit of this maker living in this backwards society". I've been thinking about those articles a lot this week.

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My absolutely amazing hackerspace friends in NYC are part of this effort that is successfully supplying hospital staff with needed PPE. In this link you can both send donations and gets schematics for making equipment for the hospitals around you: charity.gofundme.com/o/en/camp

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There’s a browser extension called Unrecommender that automatically hides all recommendations on YouTube that don’t come from the same channel.

(I really should be shouting this from the rooftops. Really, anyone with kids should install this.)

@joshmillard Google needs to shut down the recommendation engine. It's just all damage at this point.


writing a bash script that handles function keys requires *research*, and that is fundamentally fucked up

What kind of pasta hurts when you reach the bottom? 

"dialog" is the goofiest command-line tool, change my mind

@jleedev if you inspect the manual you'll discover that one of the settings on your infant is SPACE POPE

weapon photo 

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Full process of making metal type #letterpress #Ikarus #typography 

A Prodigy song came on the radio and my 3yo said "no, that's Grandma music." He's not wrong


@ranjit it's actually hard to sing that line to your child without tearing up

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