I accidentally summarized it perfectly in a conversation with a friend today: geometry is easy; computational geometry is hard.

my 5 year old just got out of bed to ask me why they didn't put any spaces in a sentence in the back of the book he was reading.

it's because it was a hashtag.

i told him i'd explain it in the morning.

@joshmillard you ever Justice - DANCE (MSTRKRFT Remix) with the devil in the pale moonlight

Okay, I've reached the point where I'm understanding CGAL well enough to actually enjoy it instead of just wrestling it

banks, complain 

Spent about an hour having to update all my credit card info at various places around the web. Kudos for making this fast and easy go to criterion and bandcamp. Serious side-eye at paypal, which took about three minutes of clicking around, and patreon, whose process was so broken I had to google it, and whose website is so busted it crashed a tab.

@tindall issuing correction to a previous post of mine, regarding the technology company Apple. you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to them"

electronics industry blablabla 

Advanced Circuits has just been sold to Tempo Automation, which seems... fine? I usually use OSHPark nowadays, but I've still got a soft spot for AC as they were the first place I ordered a PCB from.

re: cursed 

@pfm @Vierkantor literally anything in the food chain: I'm a cannibal

Found a receipt in a book I bought in Ithaca in '98; in a moment of nostalgia looked up the bookstore and found it had closed in '19. Lasted a good long time, I guess.

in a hypothetical world where I already know the angle of a given slope 

@tripofmice not today, atan

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TIL there's a website that helps you with decoding the markings on SMT components:


@zpojqwfejwfhiunz it is unbelievable how many times I sang this to my eldest when he was a baby

I have just received a follow-up email from EverythingChopsticks, the online store that sells only chopsticks, to ask if my chopsticks have proved satisfactory. This is only to be expected in this, our off the rails hyperfuture in which every transaction, banal as it may be, begs for our online approval in a desperate bid for survival

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