@halcy i wrote some postscript by hand last month and frankly same vibe

I have zero idea of when I made this, other than "after 2009" because the panel is clearly an offcut from a MakerBot Cupcake

4yo, sitting in front of spouse's laptop: "I love you, and your password"

@tripofmice seriously! maybe try to get a gig as a special correspondent for Tea Time Magazine?

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basically advertising for MNT Reform 

oh wow we just made it past $300k! 🖤 (did you know you can still preorder MNT Reform, the open hardware laptop?)


@joshmillard did you learn that at your local understandarium

@Xibanya this looks lovely! We had this oddball adaptation injected into our brains last year; is The Cherry Orchard having a moment?


Sir, this is
a waffle house
we're happy here
in the waffle house
oh it's so yum

@cypnk rotary phones basically contain little flywheels. why not just use the rotary dialer to generate power for the phone?

@cinnamon @neauoire PalmOS did have a TCP/IP stack, and you could get it "online" over a low speed serial connection (either wired or IR!), but you'd probably want to do something more like Web Clipping, where you just sync down a gemini site for offline reading.

@anarchiv this will make a killer halloween costume in three years

IMPORTANT UPDATE: he apparently has discovered a book at his preschool called "The Highway Rat" about a rat that robs other animals at swordpoint

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