@jleedev surprise twist! it was playing on our sonos; they just hit the play button and it defaulted to WFMU, and WFMU was playing super bummer music for a while! *the bummer, it is me*

@jleedev if that's tooting up then iiiiiim tooting out

i'm sure i didn't win any parent of the year awards from passerby while i was bodily carrying my kicking and screaming 3yo home in 90 degree heat yesterday but i assure you it was completely necessary

after weeks of being excited just got very depressed about moving, and then realized that it's because the movers have been playing sad music for the past three hours. y u bummin me out

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I am making notes for a project so wheel-reinventy that I might just have to call it "axle-rolley"

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@phooky Yes, *Sighs* I'm old too. — And I was reading this today

[BoingBoing issue 12, 1994, Virtual Light era interview](archive.org/details/bOING.bOIN)

@ranjit we have a lot to thank that person from porlock for

@ranjit Actually, "Xanadu" is the location of the stately pleasure dome. The pleasure dome itself is "Kubla Khan's Lucky Thirteen Bone-drome"

@ranjit counterpoint: it is bad, and colons should come after the first word

When you hire a steam cleaner, there's a little ritual at the end: the cleaners call you into the room and solemnly present a bucket of dirty water for your approval. "Look," they will say, "all this came out of your sofa." You're expected to nod in agreement, and then you get the bill. Above a certain price point, theater is tangled up in everything.

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Just had to use Ed for the first time, feeling sort of, what the fuck was that.

The rare movie that works much better as a podcast than a film.

The Future Is Old: twenty years ago, William Gibson stepped into a limo and No Maps For These Territories spilled out.


I've just realized that not everybody knows about Fuck Yeah Chinese Garden:

And now you know!

@ranjit this is so good and i am completely unleashing it on the kids

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