@joshmillard *angrily spins Siege Perilous around, revealing that SIR GODOT is written in gold leaf on the back*

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Behold, Fogleworms. Inevitable crafty outcome of me obsessing about a math problem involving arranging "worms" the last few days, see big birb site thread:


@neauoire I can't get over the fact that they put a RepRap Darwin on the cover of this, it's just wrecking me

@conceitedjerk I'm still just amazed that some suit somewhere said "you know what kids would love? A robot that turns into a rock, the most boring thing possible."

@conceitedjerk what is your take on rock lords, the robots that transform into rocks

Portrait, nearly eye contact 

@oppen impressive!

When you roleplay someone who lives in a convent 

@Tak why not roleplay an atheist? You know, a non prayer character

My 4yo keeps asking what to do with a drunken sailor and I don't have a good answer for him

@dogstar thanks; this feels like the most 80s Bell Labs thing possible

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Covid, tired, ill 

@oppen hope you recover soon! Taking care of kids and yourself when you're not feeling well is so grueling.

FMU has been pouring this in my earholes for the past five minutes and I just want to loop it for a month

*slowly rewrites std::cmp::PartialOrd impl for edge struct for third time*

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it's pretty hard to disambiguate between "i am worn out after 13 straight hours of childcare and housework" and "i am bad at program"

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