(my 3 year old's insta-review: "I don't like this! This is a baby song!")

It has suddenly occurred to me that some people in this world may not know about Brian Dewan.

@floatvoid it's been weirding me out too; thanks for speaking up. (Interesting that I've never seen the term used in the case-modding world, which is practically and aesthetically closer to low end car mods than sprucing up your desktop is.)

@joshmillard are you going to tell me that bakshi's "wizards" is set in the LMCU

@Lofenyy hah, that would be nice-- it's just the area i've selected. i primarily use it for simple stuff like identifying offset tables.

@lyliawisteria (embarrassingly it's part of a dump of a "personality chip" from the star wars theme park. it's probably an audio format of some description; i just haven't worked out which.)

Okay, I'm at a loss here. These vertical bands are appearing at a stride of... 21 bytes. ECC? CRC? Weird format.

I think of this as such trash code but it's still my go-to when confronted with a new rom or other binary blob, so I guess I should point out that it exists or something

just wrote my first glsl and rust code in something close to a year in service of reversing the dumbest thing ever

@ranjit if you can't do the tune, don't do the croon

@craigmaloney every week we will email you a link to a new RSS feed

It's fun to scan through a file and see what 'file' thinks it might be at different offsets.

(for i in {0..2000}; do tail -c +$i dd.dat | file -; done)|more

@flip instead of brushing your teeth, consider eating a bowl of bristles mixed with toothpaste for dessert

@ranjit this is the correct response

it's nice to have people celebrate simple moral lessons

*rescinds misplaced snark*

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