I've been doing dumb art shit all week, it's time to get back to firmware

plague year 

@InvaderXan @Alexis hope you're ready for Time Scurvy, the disease you get due to insufficient tachyon exposure

also remember when a linux kernel update broke legacy LE advertising and only supported extended LE advertising but didn't update the headers to include any of the command formats or codes, forcing me to just shovel random bytes down an undocumented funnel

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remember when apple and google cooperated on an API for a genuinely useful exposure notification system but then didn't let anyone use it

Plague year 

@InvaderXan AARGH these are FRESHWATER AMOEBAE and it is driving me up the wall that every article opens with a picture of people on the fucking beach

uspol, 2020 election 

@axfelix @darius you can (and should!) continue to fight these battles while electing a government that does not let tens of thousands die of preventable disease, dismantle our electoral system, or openly stoke racial hatred. Policy goals should not require us to stand atop a pile of other people's corpses.

uspol, 2020 election 

@axfelix @darius if it helps, instead of thinking of this as "rewarding the DNC", think of it as "doing the absolute minimum to defend vulnerable people." this is the trolley problem on tutorial mode

watching youtube videos on printmaking technique and really enjoying the auto-captioner interpreting "re-ink" as "rink"

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Happy long weekend! I'm joining the challenge to donate my holiday paycheck, and I'd encourage you to do the same! 💸

I split mine between two funds: to support Indigenous protesters bhlegalfund.org/ @ndncollective and DSV survivors survivedandpunished.org/ @survivepunish

@technomancy clearly they should be converted to gumball machines

@jleedev this is why movie theaters are primarily run on child labor

To be fair if you'd told me when I was ten that it was even possible to get 25lb sack of chocolate chips I would have been like 'yes yes I will cheat murder and steal just give me my Scrooge McDuck vault of chocolate chips'

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Adventures in pandemic food service: just spent fifteen minutes ladling chocolate chips out of a twenty-five pound sack

@InvaderXan it does mark a significant moment in the dissolution of the british empire, so there's that

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