This was a housewarming gift from a dear friend and it's been hanging in my kid's room since before they was born. I don't think they've ever found it scary or threatening, but now that we're moving I need to figure out where it's going to go. Should it stay with the kids, to remind them of the dangers of unfettered automation? Or should it go in my weird attic hacking nook?

While packing up I just found a circa 2014 mini-zine with a music-wheel print by @ranjit and an abbreviated version of my old rom dumping rant!

That moment when you're doing watercolors with your toddler and realize that the VHS logo is a brushstroke font

My toddler has inscribed an indecipherable warding rune on his door

messing around in raylib, cooking up a magic circle editor just because.

My kid's coloring book is riddled with jpeg artifacts

CSS hiccup that I sort of like, even if it makes it nigh unreadable

Ready to begin my retro Glassperience™ and what better way to begin with recycled Japanese micro-fiber.

If the point of this review was to make me not want to see this movie, well, mission absolutely not accomplished

It's just one of those days where I'm like fuck it, give the two year old root, I don't even care anymore

There's something so liberating about tossing an old project

Not going to get this done in time for the interactive show for family reasons, but chugging along anyway.

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