I have zero idea of when I made this, other than "after 2009" because the panel is clearly an offcut from a MakerBot Cupcake

A friend mentioned a certain brand of coconut milk as being a paragon of bad graphic design so I had to look it up and hoo boy she was not kidding

Holding up less well: apparently this is the splash screen I decided to ship with ReplicatorG version 5

The toolbar buttons I designed for ReplicatorG in mid-2009. I think they hold up pretty well.

It's the first MakerBot Cupcake CNC!

The was the first machine we sold and shipped, in kit form, in the first half of 2009. We sold it to my brother. He and some coworkers spent a week and a half putting it together. A decade later, we're going to try to get it chugging again.

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It's a MakerBot Cupcake CNC

But it's not just any MakerBot Cupcake CNC

I have a bay in a basement storage space. Apparently my neighbor in the next bay over suffered an electrical fire which set off the sprinkler. Most of my stuff survived, but a fair amount didn't. In particular, RIP my Church of Robotron console, 2013-2020.

My brother is quarantined in the basement, but I wanted to wire up a couple of old rotary phones so we could talk. Unfortunately, my soldering iron and tools are in the basement as well, so I had to wire this up with my fingernails, a kitchen knife, and rubber bands. Somehow this works. Behold!

I finally got new keycaps for my old Das Keyboard but discovered that the stabilizer supports on some but not all of the keys had been epoxied in. Frustrating, but what's the point of being one of the creepy uncles of home 3d printing if not to deal with situations like this? Sure enough there was a design up on Thingiverse and twenty minutes later I was back on track.

Did I just Tom Sawyer my 2-year-old into pulling all the keys from my old Das Keyboard for me? Reader, I did

*tosses you keys to laptop* have it back by ten, and if there's malware on it it's coming out of your ass

We took the kids to an outdoor covid testing site and on the way home stopped for sandwiches under this amazing tree

Remember when it was illegal to own your own phone and you could only rent one from ma bell? This phone does.

The 4yo just completed his first game of solitaire and it only took him uh

It's hard to describe how great they are in situ, but here's a picture from February.

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I get about half an hour before I fall asleep each night to watch video, which means I've still got two more days of this to go

I never got around to using the Novena much, but the 4yo is enjoying typing and it might be time to give him his own computer. Let's see if I can get it cranking again.

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