Haven't lived up here for almost 15 years so happy to see the local botanica still chugging

No one:

Absolutely no one:

Somebody, apparently: What the world really needs now is a new bar named

Reading an old Ted Nelson article in which he proposes a file structure that's just as much of a fucking mess as an actual desktop


How many billions is Lego group leaving on the table by not selling these hubcaps

In situ, for context. Was smoke pouring out of this sealed PSU? Reader, it was

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"Didn't you replace the protection caps on that old PSU before you installed it?"
"The RIFAs? Nah, I'm sure it will be--"*LOUD BANG FOLLOWED BY ACRID SMOKE*

Repair job done. This may not be the world's _only_ functioning Apple IIe with a couple of USB cables hanging out the back, but it is without doubt the _hottest_. Back to the actual bus hacking!

Children's game, US manufacturing 

Welcome to the USA, where we can't even manufacture a fucking Chutes and Ladders set without a caveat

There comes a point in any project when you have to stop fucking around and just commit. We'll see how it looks dried by the light of day.

For those keeping score, this is a children's storybook of an animated film of a symphonic interpretation of a late 18th c. Goethe poem

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