Okay, Mastobrain, can you identify this beauty? My best guess so far is a Spined Oak Borer.

How many species of aphid can live on a single cilantro leaf?

I wasn't even planning to do lino tonight; this sort of grew from a doodle to an idea to a block to a mission statement over the course of an hour.

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I messed up the First Rule of Lino, but I feel like I'm finally developing a style

Getting a solid hour of craft time out of this particular kid is a Big Deal.

Success. TIL: a) my eyesight is no longer good enough to do this stuff without a magnifier, and b) just because I used to do uC work all the time back in the day doesn't mean I can sleepwalk through it a decade later.

Loving these subtle lines from the multi-part mold that made this part; the interrupted internal threads suddenly make sense

My dill plants are positively crawling and I couldn't be happier

My toddlers got hold of my laptop for like fifteen seconds. Impressive.

Today's basement treasure: my grandfather's adjustable wrench, in dire need of cleaning.

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