spherical projections for modelling domes. (aside: mastodon doesn't handle svg images by default?)

This morning's curb find. My block has been killing it this winter!

(from an insert in a paperback copy of Delany's "Nova")

Sure, y'all at ccc enjoying your club mate, but at least I get to kick back with

Curb find. I remember when these just seemed whacky and fun, and not also crazily racist

Saw this on the curb and still don't know if it's karate that's meant to be deployed _by_ boys or _on_ boys

This is my current home server, which I found in a pile of discarded keyboards outside a bank. Tres

Something I wish I'd been better at explaining back in the day is that low-end 3D printing is not _predictable_, but it is _repeatable_.

Once I got the pressfit dialed in on these connectors, the biggest variable was the dimensions of the wooden strip.

Over at an aunt's; the kids are playing with their cousin's old toy cars and some of these Hot Wheels are just wild

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