Not going to get this done in time for the interactive show for family reasons, but chugging along anyway.

Bullshit, n. That which I am back on

Today I learned just how insanely noisy LDO regulators are. This 7905 was swamping my signal. Looked pretty goofy on the monitor, though.

Milling some .05" 6051 aluminum. Getting the holddown right is the hardest part.

Golden Books proudly presents: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Copyright Clusterfuck Edition

Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman is coming, is coming
Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman is free

Walt Whitman has escaped his containment housing
Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman is free

Sync stripper in progress. Think I'm ready to learn to use spice for simulation.

Poking around inside an old edutainment computer from the 90s and finding shit that Should Not Be

I built this board a decade ago and have no idea what the fuck this was supposed to be

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