A field recording of an average day near the high-traffic Tristar Gate of Sector 19.

Thanks for listening to my dumb pew pew noises this month! Check out @ranjit 's hypersonic creations for more pewvember awesomeness.

The expulsion end of Oglian Time Portals emits an audible chime when it appears in local space to alert nearby beings to the rapid ingress of high terror chrono-stress.

Day 28 of Pewvember: The world of Neroni Umbalia performs a planetary warp to another star system with more predictable solar cycles.

A well meaning aunt got the kid Ranger Rick's identity crisis 6-pak

It's Driving Me Nuts
Collection of the artist

I'm pretty sure I know what the answer to this one is, NYT

Day 27 of Pewvember: The Exhabitating Warden of Automated Station XII provides you with a brief moment to compose yourself.

Day 26 of Pewvember: The Canopian Pan-vortex Matter Disruptor has an impressive name, but the pew pew sounds it emits are astoundingly pedestrian.

Day 25 of Pewvember: a Haliform Warpdrifter fires off a few quasiphase graviton blasts.

Day 24 of Pewvember: The Northrop-DuPont HyperBuster was developed for the United States Space Force at a cost of $7.2B, was delivered twenty-six years behind schedule, and was fired exactly twice.

Day 23 of Pewvember: Paxaurical Industries produces a line of whisper-quiet lasers for use in public libraries and other facilities where silence is golden. Only the tell-tale clicking of dephaser relays and a low hum betray the fact that the high-powered Ultraplus Disruptor has gone into operation.

Day 22 of Pewvember: The Sagittarian Gravitational Intensifier can give just about any large mass an event horizon in moments.

Day 21 of Pewvember: Every Millitraxipedian military parade culminates with one of their tiny drummers beating a tattoo prior to the ceremonial firing of the absolutely adorable MTP-IV Self Propelled Laser Cannon, which is all of thirty-four millimeters long.

Day 20 of Pewvember: The tuned-chakra simulasers of the Crystal Manifold Dynamics cult were meant to instantly induce enlightenment on a planetary scale, but only succeeded in giving the Minister of Abstruse Affairs a splitting headache for the next seven hours.

Day 19 of Pewvember: Only 4XC9-quadrant kids will remember the thrumming of an ultrabeam transit on the way to indoctrination therapy sessions.

Day 18 of Pewvember: On the outskirts of the ancient, ruined megapolis of Krell, a rogue Psychromodroid mercilessly attacks a smuggler encampment.

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