Entering week 3 of isolation, my 3yo spontaneously builds an enclosed structure with no doors or windows

My toddlers are decorating the room with "art", aka all my 2019 WFMU dj premiums

Ffs you're twenty months old can you stop hacking for one goddamn minute

So this is mostly working. I still need to test it on an internal battery. Next steps:
* Software
* Carrying strap
and then v2:
* 7seg time/date display
* Support the analog knobs and illumination
* Actual pcbs instead of a pile of crap

For years I've been wasting my time cobbling together shitty adapters that I could just have bought for three bucks online, but now that we're on lockdown and the global supply chains are crumbling, it's my time to shine

(It's a USB OTG cable, and yes, it works.)

cartoon dongs 

"Welcome to Venice, Jerko" has taken on a sinister new connotation.

Someday my kids will show this picture to their mutant offspring and rhapsodize about the post apocalyptic landscape of their youth

Got that 7" lcd in and it kind of looks great through the smoky plastic. Maybe I'll get this whole thing together tomorrow night

Finally ready to hand this off. Bye, pain in the butt print!

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