Was on the phone with the bank half the morning and didn't get much time to draw, but WIP. The ink is from a small bottle of rapidograph ink I bought almost a quarter century ago that I've been lugging around ever since.

Come see my new grimstroke band, Slough Exile, play under the buzzing fluorescent lights at The Fleshbulb this Sunday. Doors at 9:30 am, same as church. Five bucks cover!

Took apart a bread maker to see if it would work for a project I have in mind. In short, no; it can't safely hit the temperatures I need. It's still a pretty nice bit of hardware: a nice big heating element, super beefy motor, nice relays, thermocouple, etc. I may use it if I need to cast wax at some point. A fun teardown if nothing else!

Welcome to your first day at my new VC-backed tech startup. Your work laptop is a donkey's skull. The well stocked kitchen is also the restroom which is also the cemetery

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Pushing the boundaries of sequential art

Finally found a cable for the Zire 71. Unfortunately, there's significant screen damage. It's a shame; the screens on these things were really nice.

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