gendering robots 

Toy manufacturers: just no

Several rounds of DRAM sodoku later. It turns out I have just enough working chips to populate two full banks, so I'm now running with 512kB + 64kB. Chalking this one up as a win.

Lots of dead chips on this thing. I love the UI of this ram tester, though. It lets me know immediately where, physically, the bad chips are.

More digital necromancy: just spent half an hour with the 4yo in the basement swapping SRAM chips in the IIe's expansion card until I found enough non-fried ones to fill the first bank. Finally got 80 column mode working. (If 40 columns is so good, why etc etc)

Interesting-- basically any page with an illustration on it ended up with the text halftoned, but pages without illustrations printed normally. These are facing pages.

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After all that, it was a bad socket on the floppy controller. Got to hook up the old drive to the other header. Anyway.

The 2yo is really enjoying his new Web Site Under Construction playset

Am I regretting not cleaning *only* the "6"s row? Maybe a little.

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Which NEMA plug is which? This is why I <3 the McMaster-Carr website.

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