Holy shit, an actual Chock Full 'O Nuts! It's like finding a Coelacanth

The sun is a deep apocalyptic red tonight, shrouded by smoke from fires a continent away.

So is Ewok Beetlejuice canon or part of the Extended Universe or what

I put a Millennium Falcon in your Millennium Falcon so you can Star War while you Star War

Finally got to see "Light Leaks" after thinking about it for years. Stunning in person.

It's just 360° illegal neighborhood fireworks as far as the eye can see. In theory the Macy's barges are happening soon but we can't even see them

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Hello somebody got my kid a Lego Police State kit for his birthday

The security camera is a nice touch

Got a babysitter, went out for sushi, hit a rock with a hammer.

Hey look, everyone, it's Chutes and Ladders, the game that requires no skill to win and coincidentally centers white males

Parents and grandparents moving and getting rid of their stuff is leading to some interesting Decor Moments™ at the phooky household

A huge thank you to whoever it was at makerbot who left the debugging symbols in libmachine; this is going to make my dumb project much easier!

So far, found two esp32 dev boards, a 25 pin serial cable, a bunch of routers, an external hard drive mounted in an 8 track cassette housing, and zero thumb drives

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