Okay, I'm at a loss here. These vertical bands are appearing at a stride of... 21 bytes. ECC? CRC? Weird format.

Our eldest investigates the Dinosaur Homunculus Argument

I'd been using that CR-10 for so long I'd forgotten how fast these machines are.

I've been telling anyone who would listen for years about the amazing typesetting in this book

Looking for a displayport cable last night, I came across one of these bracelets we printed as giveaways for the first Open Hardware Summit in 2010. We had a machine with an automated build platform cranking these out 24/7 for like three days. It was kind of magical to show up in the morning and just have a mound of these on the table.

kids, strong feelings about LISP derivatives 

Just found this half carved linoleum block from probably about 20 years ago and I have no idea what I was going for

My spouse and I have an aggressive "throw out all business cards the moment we get home" policy but Stephen Wolfram's is so pretty that we don't have the heart to chuck it.

Found a scan of my old Bad News Arcana on one of these external drives. Wish I knew where the originals were. Probably circa 2000 or so.

Hey check it out my new credit card just arrived!!!

Unpacking is an endless journey of finding awesome shit that I don't have time to play with

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