Poking around with the Pico W to see if I can get Bluetooth chugging. Short answer: no. The CYW43439 module has a proprietary protocol and they've only got wifi working via someone's closed blob. Disappointing.

@phooky I wouldn't describe Damien "MicroPython" George as just someone. The Pyboard D uses the same wifi chip and has Bluetooth, and it's fairly clear that Raspberry Pi Trading paid Damian to do the integration.


@scruss that's heartening. I hope they've got Damien working on bluetooth, because the wider community can't.

@phooky I think they do. George Robotics has the the full NDA in place to develop code around the blob.

It's kind of a shame we can't get to play with the ARM chip inside the wifi, as it's much more powerful than the M0+ in the Pico

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