Intro to the Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition, London, 1968.

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If this is your jam-- and why would it not be your jam?-- there's far, far more, including the soundtrack to the show, at:

@phooky this is very cool but I can't get over the slow zoom on "poop"

@prehensile I know, right? it's all like "observe this cheeky transgression. are we not the most avant of gardes"

@phooky suggestion for a way to occupy your time once your kids go off to college: recreate this entire exhibition based only on the 7 minute tour.

@ranjit honestly, this feels like what VR should be for

@ranjit sure, but i kind of like the thought of reproducing the physical glitchiness of 60's-era hand fabrication in a digital form, potentially accidentally layering on digital glitchiness as well

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