Teaching XML to anyone under the age of 40 is reprehensible and immoral. Let it die with our generation and spare the future its grim shadow

@jleedev being a Google product, I operate under the presumption that it will be EOL'd within the next fifteen minutes


Binary blobs of MSVC structs cast to char* were good enough for my grandfather, my father, and me.

*goes off to shovel coal into the GPU’s boiler*


Honestly? Binary blobs are a nightmare for interoperability. XML sucks in its own ways but at least you can usually extract useful information from them (assuming no intentional obfuscation, of course). Ditto for cross-platform data.

XML is crap for human/machine but for machine/machine, it’s… not bad? It’s standardized and debuggable, which is better than its predecessors.

@suetanvil Honestly! Interoperability for binary blobs stopped being a thing in the mid-90s, when every major OS started shipping with a TCP/IP stack and needed to handle different endianness and word sizes anyway. Creating a new XML schema is a pain because there are fifty ways to do anything (attribute or element? ugh) and it's really easy to create invalid XML. And of course you can do lots of things with binaries that are impossible with XML.


As a lazy dev who's worked with lazy, incompetent devs, I'll dispute that. The main reason nobody's doing 'fwrite(thing, sizeof(thing), 1, fh)' anymore is the wealth of (mediocre-to-bad) third-party serialization tools available. Without those, it'd be blobs-as-semi-accidental-vendor-lock-in for everyone.

And anyway, you don't *need* to create a schema and you don't *need* to validate. You just build a tree and call '.asHtml()' on it. Done.


So I guess what I'm saying is that there's a subset of XML that is only moderately awful and there are worse alternatives.

@phooky oh no, everything is an SGML application, and always has been.

No-one touches DSSSL and comes away unchanged

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