a glimpse of the semiconductor shortage saga:

$0.90 component is gone, holding up our (relatively small) production of 300 units. component won't be restocked until 2023, if ever again. it's not quick/cheap for us to retool.

purchased parts we need from an overseas warehouse for $5/ea. after paying, were notified that the parts were 16 years old and corroded, but they had 1 year old stock which we could get if we paid the difference for $8/ea.

and i just paid.

welcome to the future.

@tehn random question but if this $0.90 is something that is used in other machines could you imagine getting them sourced from a recycler would work for the type of small run you are doing? asking mainly cause I have always fantasized about the concept of a decentralized parts recycling coop/federation but never really thought it through enough.

@liaizon @tehn Somewhat related, @plgDavid made this excellent video about parts recycling: hackaday.com/2020/01/15/what-t

It's not about generic components as much as it's about specific chips, but might be interesting to you as well.


@neauoire @liaizon @tehn @plgDavid we once took a stab at homebrew component reclamation using a toaster:

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@phooky @neauoire @tehn @plgDavid wow that worked way better then I ever would have imagined. I would probably have a big fan going to get all those fumes away from me. that is quite an impressive technique!

@liaizon @neauoire @tehn @plgDavid it's super fun! we didn't notice any significant fumes; solder liquifies but does not vaporize, and properly produced pcbs have very little residual flux. The biggest fume hazard would be if the plastic connectors started burning, but they're rated to withstand the temps of soldering in the first place. If you are worried about flux/other residue, you could just wash the board with dish soap first.

@liaizon @neauoire @tehn @plgDavid (although note that we tried this eight years ago; it may have smelled worse than I remember)

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