[croaking coming out of hypersleep voice] what year is this

It seemed blazing fast in the 00's, but the response time on this thing makes me feel like I'm using e-ink nowadays

@phooky is it just me or does it look like whatever retains the LCD in place has broken and the panel’s rotated in the chassis?

@bhtooefr I think it's just a trick of the shadows, it seems fine in person.

@phooky I miss this, I used to be the only one who owned one in my circle of friends and family.

@phooky I have a visor prism kicking around in a drawer somewhere. Complete with USB and serial cradles and a GPS plugin module.

@gomez oh, nice. I have this and a zire 71 at the moment but no cradles.

@phooky I'll dig it out over the weekend and post some photos.
Somewhere there's a Palm Pilot with a built in barcode scanner too.

@gomez nice! I spent about seven or eight years programming PalmOS for a living so I've seen way more palm devices than I care to remember. It's pretty amazing that you can now get an impressive VR system for about the same price as a mid-line PDA a decade and a half ago.

@phooky what was PalmOS like to program in?
I used to do loads of stuff in Satellite Forms back in the day.
My biggest app was a house movers quotation system, never had to implement so many kludges in one system ever!

@gomez it was fun! Definitely its own weird thing, though. Effectively single-process, no filesystem in the traditional sense, and all sorts of horrible issues when flash storage appeared. Metrowerks CodeWarrior was the IDE of choice, if that gives you any idea.

@phooky I used to dream of a copy of that! My boss at the time had read a magazine that said RAD was the way forward and interpreting RAD to mean I can get more for less and having seen RAD on an ad for Sat Forms decided that was all we'd need and all we'd get.
No chance to learn to program it properly.
I've just looked and you can still buy Sat Forms for $795 although it hasn't been updated since June 2010.

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