I've been trying to raise my kids to seek consent but my 4yo just asked his socks if it was okay to put them on and I'm reconsidering, like, a lot

@phooky far better to err on this side than the other, no? “Too concerned with consent” is not a complaint anyone has ever had

[nethack tombstone]
died of starvation
waiting for assent
from their broccoli

@phooky not even attempting to explain why we say "hi doggy" but not squirrels or birds

@jleedev it's better to not even try

the 4yo today, when we were talking about how much we missed his recently-deceased great grandfather, said "so you'll be really happy when he comes back" and it was just a little too monkey's paw to get into any further

@phooky we can reliably tell the difference between a squirrel and a bunny, so there's that

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