Haven't lived up here for almost 15 years so happy to see the local botanica still chugging

@phooky i can tell you're in my neighborhood from the Logan's Run pic, so I think I know which botanica this is.

If you like dumplings, Dumplings 'n Things is good at them, and also at things.

@ranjit I'll check it out! We're always on the lookout for good Things.

I was also chuffed to see that the Corner Store "Big Man Headquarters" is still kicking

@phooky my other new (as in newer than 15 years old) Good Thing recommendation in that area would've been Sky Ice, but you probably already know the branch of Sky Ice up by resistor!

@ranjit (just got second shot at Neergaard, for additional old neighborhood flavor)

@phooky oooh nice! assuming you were at Big Neergaard, have you ever checked out the toy store upstairs?

@ranjit I also should go back to daiseys diner when conditions allow

@ranjit btw is Logan's Run genuinely Logan's Run themed? Can you order a Life Clock or a Protein From the Sea? Is it, in fact, all here

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