Okay, I've been going through the papers of David Ackley and he is kind of becoming my computing hero; I really hope he doesn't turn out to be a milkshake duck because I am loving this stuff.


OK I'm browsing his YouTube channel and he's ranting in a dark room wearing a black jacket and he has a long gray wizard beard and he just used the phrase "our societal cyberpain" and he is now 100% the Ted Nelson I Can Respect™

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@phooky fun.

"I'm glad you're here. Have a good week."

@suetanvil not to my knowledge; I just think he's super silly

@suetanvil I mean ackley is goofy but he's not making videos claiming he knows who satoshi is or anything


That's a relief. Nelson is kind of an eccentric uncle of computing but it'd be upsetting to hear he was, like, awful or something.

@suetanvil @phooky i'm trying to remember where i interacted with someone who'd actually worked with him. the impression i got was just... probably kind of hard to work with, i guess.

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