I find it amusing that one of the arguments for #rust in the #linux kernel is that a modern language will increase the developer pool.

There have to be like ... three or four orders of magnitude more #C developers than rust developers out there.

I mean, I understand what they're saying, and I don't entirely disagree, but it sure does seem early for that claim.


@elb I'd argue that while there far more C developers out there, there are relatively few who can consistently write code as safe as the kernel needs it to be. If rust does anything well, it's help programmers write careful code. Besides, there really aren't many widely used system programming languages out there; I'll take what we can get.

@phooky I'm guessing that the only reason rust developers might fare better is that they're a self-selecting set.

Also I totally agree that we need more systems languages and I'm 100% down with them being type safe, reference-safe, etc. I do wonder whether rust is that genre of languages' final form, though; I kind of feel like it's more like the first solid try that hasn't been just a bad idea to begin with.

@phooky Let me clarify that I mean that I think that most programmers have very little business writing kernel code whether they're in rust or C either one; it's just that proportionally there are more rust programmers who might be kernel programmers because they're a self-selecting set (in Spring of 2021).

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