current RP2040 PIO hacking status: using two separate state machines with slightly different configurations to perform an OR operation.

This platform is crazy bananas and I love it.

Actual useful description:
I want to trigger a state machine on one of two pins, so write a simple SM program:
WAIT IRQ 4 // wait for start of OR
JMP pin start
IRQ set 5 // set IRQ 5

and then configure the two state machines to both use this program, with the jmp pin configured to each of the two pins I want to OR. Then in the main prog I just do:
IRQ set 4 [3]
// check IRQ 5 for status here
IRQ clear 5


"Why don't you just use an OR operation?" you ask innocently, causing me to launch the entire RP2040 datasheet directly at your face at high speeds

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