WTF is up with this unexpectedly metal font from the Pi Pico datasheet

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@phooky iirc this is what happens when corners of two splines aren't being interpolated (well, extrapolated maybe) so they continue beyond where they should at a tangent until they intersect, rather than rounding off. perhaps they ought to have been reticulated more thoroughly

@jk ha, now wondering if it's a problem with the renderer or if the font was designed with the assumption that it would be truncated at the top/bottom of the line

@phooky @jk yeah, it's probably assuming a Mitre / Miter Limit ... one of those things brought over from PostScript in the 1980s and lives on in SVG to this day

@phooky @jk just checked: definitely mitre limit. Revert those lines to something more standard (~4) and the metal is gone, mostly

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz a 1.5mm x 1.5mm test pint at standard atmospheric pressure is the ISO unit of drunkenness

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