For the electronics nerds: I need to step down six 5V signals to 3.3V. I don't want to mess with a half-dozen voltage dividers; ideally this would be a single chip solution. I also don't need bidirectional or tristate support. What I do need is relatively fast propagation; 20ns would be a good target. Any recommendations?

Thanks, everyone, for all the recommendations! It looks like 74LVx244/245 is the way to go. I'd ignored the tristate buffers and was looking at 74x4050s and such, but it turns out all that silicon is old and super slow.

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okay, down to the '245 and the 74LCX541 @fruchti mentioned. Quibbling about one or two ns propagation delay differences at this point.

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@fruchti actually, the '541 wins on the basis of pinout: all the inputs are on one side, all the outputs on the other. Much easier to route!

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