This is the oldest tool I own that's been in continuous use. It's a lockpick I ground out of a broken bandsaw blade back around 1993/4. I didn't use this one as much as the rest of the set, and it ended up in a drawer for a while, until I discovered it was *perfect* for carefully removing ICs from sockets. I find it handier than proper IC extractors. Tonight I used it to pop a DRAM out of an Apple IIe mainboard.

What's the oldest tool that you use?


I've got an old pair of linesman pliers from my dad. I still use them, but I'd be gutted if something happened to them.


A red-handled Swing-Away can opener my Mom gave me in a box of utensils when I went to college in 1977.

@hhardy01 those things last forever! We have a modern, bulky one in our home, and it's just a pain. Maybe it's time for a proper swing-a-way!

@phooky Three items come to mind.

A memory stick shell that I've had since I was 12, in roughly 2010. I've lost the two other sticks somehow, and the unit within has since been replaced and then lost, yet somehow this old thing has remained one of very -- very few constants in my life. I hope to keep it a lot longer.

Second, a hair brush that I think I got around Grade 4, 2008. Half the bristles are missing yet I refuse to replace it.

@phooky Third item that isn't much of a tool, is a matryoshka doll from Cuba. It only became mine around middle school, but was my sisters before that, and my grandmas before that. I don't think anyone knows how old it actually is.

Bonus: I have a few encyclopedia volumes from the 30s, and half a Britannica from the 70s. 30s one is from my grandpas brother I think? Brittanica is from a regular customer who can no longer keep their copy. They trust me to care 4 it, and pass it on.

@phooky i've got my great-granddad's brace-and-bit set in a toolbox. it doesn't come out all that often in these days of lithium-powered drills and impact drivers, but it still beats just about everything else when you need to make a clean hole above the size that typical handheld electric drill bits will do easily.

@phooky Mine is an old Stanley screwdriver (Phillips head) that was originally my grandfather's. I borrowed it from my dad's toolbox in the early 90s and forgot to give it back. Been in my toolbox ever since.

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