My brother is quarantined in the basement, but I wanted to wire up a couple of old rotary phones so we could talk. Unfortunately, my soldering iron and tools are in the basement as well, so I had to wire this up with my fingernails, a kitchen knife, and rubber bands. Somehow this works. Behold!

@Lofenyy (looks at blood under fingernails from trying to twist wires on small pins tightly) maybe not this time

@phooky You should just give him a styrofoam cup and string and tell him to be grateful for it.

@rogzilla71 styrofoam is bad for the environment, so we just gave him half a hollowed-out turnip

@phooky Nice, so he can eat it when he's done. You are being incredibly kind to him.

@rogzilla71 we have a whole cupboard full of turnips for him, just waiting to spill out when he opens it, infomercial-style


That's a beautiful mess with a terrific purpose.

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