I messed up the First Rule of Lino, but I feel like I'm finally developing a style

@phooky I tried lino once, and couldn't get a good press even once. I'm sure I was doing something basic wrong, but I was trying to do it all on my own and ran out of time for the project I was working on. :/

@phooky Oh! I see! I wasn't sure if you had done that deliberately. 😆

@phooky did you stab yourself, because i feel like i've been really clear about the whole try not to stab yourself thing

also this is cool

@joshmillard mirror text!

(And I haven't cut myself at all yet, but my spouse still has a scar from doing lino as a teenager.)

@phooky Ha, didn't even think about that. I mean I carved my Haystack Rock last night without remembering to mirror too but you have to really know the formation for that to stand out.

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