@ranjit Yes, in the "Wax, or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees" sense.

@phooky This is either the very best or the very worst keyboard but I can’t decide which.

@tsturm @phooky I'm tending towards worst - the keys occupying two hexagons with a small bridge in between are going to be a real nuisance.

Do like the idea of it and the design nevertheless.

@galaxis @tsturm It's a standard Mooshy Keyboard™, but the double-hex keys actuate nicely and with no more trouble than a normal double-length shift key. The right shift key and the up arrow being swapped, otoh, is sublimely annoying and I'm going to have to remap that in a hurry.

@phooky Uh yeah, that looks like a very bad choice, didn't even notice that detail.


@s31bz It's "MOFII", which I'd never heard of before.

@phooky Ignoring the shape of the keys, the layout is just weird - the up arrow where th eright shift should be, and then the prtscr as an option on the tiny shift - that's **weird**

@phooky That's really cool. Or, looks really cool. How is st to type on?

@liebach it's... okay. The right shift key and up arrow need swapping. If you're looking for a Prime Typing Experience, this isn't it. What it does have going for it are hexagons

@phooky this is the first row-staggered keyboard I would actually consider using. brilliant.

@phooky holy shit it's actually real. I was gonna rev up the 3d printer as a joke but holy shit I want one

@phooky Oh, neat. Also, hexagonal keys are probably the only good reason to have out of sync lines like this.

@phooky it looks really sweet but I wouldn't want to type on it

@phooky I am not going to lie. That is really cool looking. How does it type?

@souldessin not very well. It might improve once I get used to it, but it's not built for a Good Keyboard Experience

@phooky Wow. I can't say I would be comfortable using this, but I love the design!

@phooky this is cool as hell? where can i get one, please?

@PsyChuan it's by mofii; I found it on Amazon but it appears to be sold out

Not sure if Civ or Catan fan or both 🤔

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