"Core Wars? Didn't I read about that in Scientific American 10 years ago? Perhaps you remember it, perhaps not. But it's alive and well, and you can play by mail." -- Modern Core Wars, circa 1994

@phooky Core Wars was as much responsible for my getting into programming as was Logo.

Still in my top 10 video games, though I haven't played it for real since a tournament in the late 90's.

I bet this is something the stripey sock part of Fedi would really enjoy.

@tfb @phooky A friend of mine had it on his Mac SE. We didn't even know about the competitions, but we did spend a lot of time writing programs to battle one another and the examples included with it.

Later I found CRobots and PRobots on BBSes, and another friend and I spend many hours writing robots to battle one another on the Tandy 1000. I taught myself trigonometry so that I could make my robot fire at where the other robot would be when the shot got there.

@freakazoid @tfb I had forgotten about CRobots! So fun. Wonder if there's a GLSLRobots or something now

@tfb @phooky Core Wars was still active into the 2000s. I remember reading about MARS and (then-recent) introduction of pspace.

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