Wonder if we could set up PCB golf. Like, you put up a netlist and footprints and people compete to make smaller/better/more beautiful PCBs for the same circuit. Competitive layout!

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I feel like @th might know people who would be into that

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@phooky Sounds like fun! In my EE labs many years ago we were graded on a curve based on how many 7400-series chips you used, or the total length of the wires, or the size of the layout on the breadboard, or similar metrics.

@phooky I have a decent idea for first challenge: LED blinker. Blinking interval - 1s (0.5 on, 0.5 off). Powered from CR2032. Can use any components available on Digikey with an "Active" part status. OSH park PCB design constraints. Scoring: PCB area in mm^2 * total wire length in mm * (number of layers)^2 * number of passive components * (number of active components)^2. LED counts as an active component, battery doesn't count.

I think there is a flaw in your scoring system. Just get a simple micro and an led. Now you have 0 passive components and therefore a score of 0.

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