So this is mostly working. I still need to test it on an internal battery. Next steps:
* Software
* Carrying strap
and then v2:
* 7seg time/date display
* Support the analog knobs and illumination
* Actual pcbs instead of a pile of crap

Oh, and print replacements for the missing keycaps.

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@phooky They look like MX caps, maybe you could swap them all out.

@ieure hm, good thought; i want to keep the original keys where possible (who else has a "STA LIN" key?) but will look at MX caps for replacements

@phooky this is cool as shit. what is it? are there schematics, etc for it?

@bamfic @cypnk @th trammell's version has a beaglebone; i'm just using a pi+lcd in this one (which is built out of spare parts of working units)

@phooky IIRC, that's a rubbreh domeh (BTC dome with slider) design, so you can use anything with cherry stems on there. Hard to eyeball the widths, but I think there are a lot of kits that would look great on there if you're not bent on keeping the originals.

Maybe some high-profile sculpted caps would be thematic: (avail. on Amazon too)

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