yesterday a neighbor's kid asked for wifi access so he could finish his homework. sure. booted him once we confirmed he was just using netflix. do kids not know about deep packet inspection? digital natives my ass

@phooky Sadly, their digital natives in the sense that they're entrenched in digital technology. Technology that's ultimately used against them, but is supposed to be friendly.

Here's this as an example. This is what the next generation is growing up in. The popular theory behind content like this is that it exploits the Youtube algorithm and the attention span of very young children in order to generate ad revenue. Hence, the huge number of views and strange content.

@phooky It's designed to capture kids attention, make them search for and click on the vids and watch them basically infinitely, especially with the autoplay feature.

The content itself is designed to make kids come back for more and keep watching. Some theorize that the content might be written by an AI and put together by humans, hence the sometimes adult and disturbing nature of the content.

This stuff has been known to give kids nightmares sometimes.

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