This thread, in which someone earnestly attempts to get a driver for an HP Deskjet 500 from an HP support forum, is lowkey heartbreaking

I found this because I was looking for information on the cartridge slots on the HP 500. One of the only other hits was a link to me, asking the same question, on tumblr, in 2014

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I did find this image of the HP Deskjet 500 mainboard on an ebay sale, which pretty much answers my question: the postscript card was probably just a plug-in ROM, which begs the question of why the printer didn't just ship with PS support. How much would it have added to the BOM to populate XU9? *google* oh, ffs, of couse, it's because Adobe was charging crazy license fees for its PS rendering engine. Adobe: Always Awful

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On further reflection I may even be misremembering a PostScript cartridge even existing, because it looks like these slots were intended for additional fonts

That's right, if you wanted to use another font, you'd have to plug in a cartridge, like a peasant

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