Our friend Chris finally did a write-up of his 16 core Z80 alternate future cyberdeck, and it is absolutely beyond bonkers:

@phooky this is amazing and kinda similar to an idea i worked on a while back for a similar machine, but using the 6502

i haven't built it, but it was an expandable multiprocessing system designed so each node is semi-independent and uses as little hardware as possible

my goal was to make a serial mesh network protocol so all were individually addressable

each node is singletasking but the master node would transparently start processes on them and manage them so it acts like one big system

@phooky this is kinda making me want to work on that again, i still have schematics on my desktop at home...

@phooky oh god, this is amazing. I’ve been a fan of Chris’s work since that Cray fpga project. Is he on the fediverse?

This is exactly the kind of inspiration I need heading into a week of having the house to myself...

@requiem He's not on fedi to the best of my knowledge, but he's always working on something amazing!

@phooky I need to get my rss reader working again.

@phooky @alcinnz Also, one of the CPUs could run a dedicated Mastodon client. 😁

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